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We give artists a platform to showcase their unique crossover music.

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Wether you’re a domestic or international artist, DesiYUP can help you elevate your music to a bigger audience. We have helped artists to showcase their potential on different platforms. Be it a vocalist, instrument player or composer, we feel as passionate about spreading music as you are in creating it. We have created music video’s, held concerts and tv programs to showcase artists and their work. We also promote the artist’s albums on different radio stations and in weekly magazines. Get in contact with us to find out what the possibilities are.

What Artists Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let other artists do the talking!

Working with the team at DesiYUP on our first concert was a truly artistically enriching experience.  Their attention to detail and focus on bringing the highest quality musical experience to diverse audiences is well executed and makes working with them an absolute pleasure.  I’m so impressed and proud of the work they do with Mahesvari leading the team (which is more like a family) and being hands on with each project from conception right through to delivery.  What is most special about them is that they shine a spotlight on both popular and new talent, giving opportunities to the artists of tomorrow by helping them collaborate with the artists of the today – and both grow as a result.  I have known and worked with Mahesvari for the last 6 years and she has helped showcase my work to a wider audience through DesiYUP.  The genuine support and passion for their work is inspiring and I look forward to working with DesiYUP again in the near future.

Navin Kundra

Singer, Songwriter

DesiYUP is one of those few platforms in the world that focuses on presenting content that gives the audience a unique experience! I have had the opportunity to work with Mahesvari and it is amazing to see how diligently she thinks for the artistes and the audience alike. As an artiste, I always look forward to associate with DesiYup! I especially appreciate the efforts that Mahesvari/ DesiYUP puts in the promotion of the events- she makes sure the artiste gets maximum media exposure including top publications, TV and online promotions. This helps build a connect between the artiste and the audience before the performance.

Nirali Kartik

Classical Vocalist, Maati Baani

I am proud and greatly humbled to say that I was one of the first artists chosen by DesiYUP for a solo concert in Rotterdam and have since then watched them explode as a company. In fact I have worked on two concerts with DesiYUP, one was for a televised program and part of a documentary, and the second was my own concert. DesiYUP gives artists a voice, a platform, an opportunity to express and show ones true colour of consciousness. The team behind DesiYUP (Mahesvari Autar and co.) work tirelessly and they are 100% passionate and committed to their projects. I have never witnessed such a high level of love, dedication and determination to the arts. DesiYUP truly respects artists, it honours artists who are trying to do something different, artists who are changing the path and bringing something new to the table. In my personal example, infinite concert organizers can put on a Bollywood concert, but DesiYUP doesn’t want to do just what everyone else can do, it wants to do what no one else can do, and in my case it did that by giving me, a devotional singer, a platform to express and be. I could praise DesiYUP and the team forever – they are a much need company and I am so glad they exist! They are highly reputable, energetic, fair, and most of all, creative in their endeavors. I hope to work with them again and again and again, it would be a blessing to me!

Shivali Bhammer

Singer, Professional Dancer, Writer, Actor, Orator,

I have had more than a year long association with Desiyup, before we finally managed to do the concert ‘Music without Boundaries’ in 2015. I am impressed with the way DesiYUP went about organizing everything, discovering the wonderful local band that accompanied me at the concert, to the travel, accommodation, concert promotions, press -media interactions, workshops, interviews etc. Everything was thoroughly planned and very well executed. DesiYUP headed by its front woman- Mahesvari- is doing some really incredible work on getting amazing artists and music in Holland and revamping the music scene. I feel it’s actually helping audiences discover and get exposed to independent music and also helping the indie artists reach out to a wider and diverse audience. Kudos!

Vasuda Sharma

Vocalist, Composer

We had an absolutely lovely show in Rotterdam to a very receptive and appreciative international audience, it was a sheer pleasure working with Mahesvari Autar from DesiYUP as our professional partner and organiser for this concert.
Prem Joshua

Multi-Instrumentalist, Prem Joshua and Band

DesiYup is an important provider to the South Asian music community as it has true love, dedication and passion at its core. This means they act for the sole benefit of the audience and artists and not themselves, resulting in excellence in their work. Their goal to expand the musical landscape of the Netherlands and at the same time help up coming musicians develop is just another thing that makes them so special.

Shammi Pithia

Composer, Flutist

I’m very thankful to DesiYUP for believing in me as an artist. The support and chances that have been given to me through DesiYUP have had a great contribution to me being profiled as an artist and singer. I’m very happy that there is a music portal like DesiYUP that helps me discover so much new music and makes connecting to other independent artists a lot easier.


Sangeeta Bhageloe

Classical Vocalist

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