Hindi Cinema Classics II

With Navin Kundra, Vasuda Sharma and Rayen Panday (guest performance)
An ode to the best romantic classics of the Hindi Cinema by international performers. The second edition of Hindi Cinema Classics at the Luxor Theater an amazing musical spectacle. People enjoyed nostalgic classics of the Indian Hindi Cinema. Especially for this impressive music program, the British singer songwriter and entertainer Navin Kundra shared the stage with the Indian pop princess and one-woman band Vasuda Sharma. In addition, standup comedian Rayen Panday sang some romantic duets with the Indian singer songwriter Vasuda. This was an exclusive project of Luxor Theater in collaboration with DesiYUP.

Navin Kundra

The name Navin Kundra is hard to escape if you are part of the Asian diaspora. The British Asian singer/songwriter has graced the Asian charts often with six number #1 singles over the years. Read his interview here.

Vasuda Sharma

Vasuda Sharma as a multi-instrumentalist has a radiant energy about her. Starting her musical journey at a talent hunt show, she’s come a long way. Days before the concert, we had a quick chat with her to chronicle her story. Read it here.

Rayen Panday

Dutch-Sarnami Cabaretier and comedian Rayen Panday will also make a guest appearance in the show and perform a few songs for the audience. Check out his video with Vasuda to get a taste.

Concert Videos

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