Asha Puthli

Remarkable multi-genre musician from Mumbai, to give rare live performance in Utrecht

The last living Khayál master, Ustad Saami

Ustad Saami keeps a thousand-year-old tradition alive at the risk of his own life

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Dear professional musician, never say that you will perform for free!

I am always honored to read emails sent by musicians or bands from across the globe. It’s good to know that DesiYUP is visible as an event organizer and that artists are interested to work with us. But dearest musicians and bands: offering your art for free is not the right approach to establish a relationship built on mutual respect and equality. There are many event organizers and concert promoters who take advantage of upcoming talent. They are eager to make artists perform for free and earn some easy money. This irresponsible attitude damages the entire live performing scene in my opinion.

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Muses of Mindfulness – 15 June 2019

Every story comes to end…the story of this festival started 7 month’s ago and was concluded with an audience who experienced my 3 muses of mindfulness: Anirban, Hemang and Prewien. In this blog I will describe the highlights of the 24th DesiYUP event and mention the people who participated to create fine moments for all of us who were present on June 15th in De Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague.

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DesiYUP connects with Indie-musicians in Mumbai

Holland based company DesiYUP is organizing an Artist Networking Event for Indie-musicians and singers. The event is taking place in JW Marriott Mumbai on the 18th of October. Singer-songwriter Rajni Shivaram is flying over from Bangelore to perform for this soulful meet and greet with talented musicians, singers and artistes.

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Music Therapy

The ultimate cause of disease is stress

“Playing music with others or enjoying live music stimulates the cuddle hormone oxytocin.”   Everybody knows what stress is, but most of us find it difficult to prevent stress or lower down our stress levels. Stress is a general activation reaction to a stimulus...

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Learn Leadership Skills like a Conductor

MInDZ (“Muziek in de Zorg”) is a project of Dino and Teun, two Erasmus MC medical students. The purpose of this project is to develop music-based understanding by organizing lectures and attending concerts.

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The Mozart-effect in Hospitals

MAM (Music as Medicine) Foundation is doing research on music as an innovative method for medical treatments in and outside the medical health care system their research is ‘evidence based’.

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