How to celebrate Christmas during the Covid-19 pandemic asked newspaper Trouw journalist Lodewijk Dros? He interviewed 3 representatives of the Jewish, Muslim and Hindu community how they celebrated their religious festivals during the lockdown. DesiYUP Founder Mahesvari Autar told how she celebrated the Hindu Festival of Lights ‘Divali’ during the lockdown. 

Celebrating Christmas

Christmas is just days away. And the government made it pretty clear that they are not planning to ‘relax’ lockdown rules. In fact they might even announce stricter rules this week. Large family gatherings at home or in restaurants, outdoor Christmas markets and parties are just not possible this year. 

But what can we still do to make Christmas 2020 memorable? DesiYUP Founder Mahesvari Autar shares 4 tips that might help to celebrate Christmas in this ‘new normal’ situation. 

The article is in Dutch. So here is one tip in English: contribute to the local economy, support local businesses, support independent musicians and support the arts & culture sector. During challenging times it’s the creative industry that gives meaning to our lives. 

Christmas is one of my favorite festivals. I love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree in my house, that I decorate nicely with twinkly ornaments and bright lights. The dark and cold December month becomes bearable when I tuck myself in a cozy blanket and watch feel-good Christmas movies on Netflix. While drinking hot cinnamon tea I conclude my year by sending handwritten cards to friends, family, and businesses associates to wish them Happy Holidays”,Mahesvari. 

DesiYUP Team wishes you Happy Holidays! 

We’ll meet soon… 

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