Shivali and Mahesvari

The Hanuman Chalisa is normally sung in a devotional context, often in a temple. What makes the version of London based vocalist Shivali Bhammer appealing is the synchronisation of this devotional Hindu hymn with day to day life. You can sing this praise of Hanuman everywhere and every moment of the day. This fresh take on the Tulsidas poem was the starting point of a new creative journey.

Documentary and concert

First we connected over a Maha Shivaratri documentary for Hindu Media and after this she performed during the second concert of DesiYUP. We hosted Shivali’s Rise in Love Devotion concert in Isala theatre. During this London trip we met again for an in depth interview, which we edited in two parts. 

How to make life choices

“This life is difficult and to stick to the righteous part is a challenge. The truth is that we have so many problems in life and I’m certainly no different than any other person”, says bhajan vocalist Shivali. 

In the second video Shivali  talks about her take on life. Since she is a famous bhajan singer and a devotee, she gets a lot of questions from fans about life and how to make the right choices in life.

Interested in more videos of Shivali Bhammer? Here is a playlist of her collaborations with us.

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