Credit List:

Nirali Kartik – Vocals
Amit Mishra – Tabla
Santoh Ghante – Harmonium
Maheshji – Side Percussion
Sant Tukaram – Poetry

This version of abhang is originally sung by – Pandita Kishori Amonkar

About this song:

An avatar of Lord Vishnu, Vitthala is hugely worshipped in Maharashtra, India. The legend behind Lord Vitthala is very interesting. Pundarik was a devout and a caring son to his parents. Pleased by his devotion to his parents, Lord Vishnu appeared at the doors of Pundarik. Pundarik asked the Lord, ‘ who are you?’ . the Lord replied, ‘ I am Vishnu”. Pundarik’s parents were asleep at the time and he did not want to disturb them by their talk. So, he gave a brick for Lord Vishnu to stand. In Marathi Language  “Vithh” means a brick – the one who stood on a brick came to be known as  “Vitthala”.

Connect with Nirali:

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