“It’s a pleasure to be a part of Mahesvari’s concert. She has been a dear friend and I love the way she is promoting Indian Music in all its genres and forms in Holland.

~ Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

I am immensely grateful for Mahesvari’s support and guidance throughout the journey. Her warmth and encouragement fostered a collaborative environment and the event’s success is a testament to her exceptional skills as well as the dedication of the DesiYUP and Doelen team.”

~ Jasdeep Singh Degun

I am really impressed by your hard work, your passion and your commitment to preserve and promote Indian art, culture and music in Netherlands. Indian music needs such a DesiYUP and Mahesvari in each and every part of the world, so that we can reach out to the people to spread and showcase what India is all about.

~ Pandit Rupak Kulkarni

The DesiYUP concerts stand out for their eye to detail, well thought-of curation of artists and a true effort to bring something new to the music and culture loving audience in Holland and Europe.

~ Nirali Kartik

DesiYUP – Sharing Meaningful Music Since 2011

DesiYUP is an online community, specialized in nourishing and endorsing the cultural traditions such as music, art and literature, from India. We curate concerts, workshops and corporate events. Founder Mahesvari Autar beliefs that meaningful music nurtures the soul, strengthen self-awareness and can help to accomplish goodness that serves society as a whole.

Our Vision

DesiYUP vision is to share the beauty of Indian Arts & Culture in abundance in the Netherlands. We want to be a platform that connects the music fraternity: cultural institutions, artists and audience.

Our mission

The purpose of DesiYUP is to establish multifarious music genres that are derived from the ancient Indian music tradition, which has manifested in various forms and has evolved in today’s world music. We do our utmost best to give performers a great platform to showcase their craft.

Our end goal is to inspire and energize our audience with meaningful entertainment that elevates them mentally and spiritually. We accomplish this mission by collaborating with renowned cultural institutions, since we also aim to embed Indian wisdom (Arts, Yoga, Ayurveda) as part of the Dutch society, and to ensure it is part of their annual programmering.

You are most welcome to join our community of wellbeing. You can subscribe to our news letter. Or follow one of your social media pages: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Registered DesiYUP Media Productions
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BTW ID: NL002182181B34

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Goodwill Ambassadors

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”, Rabindranath Tagore.

DesiYUP is a commercial organization. We do not receive any government support or any regular subsidy from cultural institutions. To sustain and continue with our work we need prominent Goodwill Ambassadors (GWA), individuals who appreciate our mission and vision, who enjoy our events with their friends, families and business relations, their annual contribution is €1000.

Goodwill Ambassadors have the ability to raise awareness about meaningful music and other art forms. Our GWA’s firmly believe that art is the language of unity and that it goes beyond countries or cultures. Our philanthropic Goodwill Ambassador is someone who actively promotes the ideals of DesiYUP. They advocate the need for people to come together through meaningful art i.e. music. They themselves believe in the concept of networking in a positive atmosphere with likeminded individuals to co-create new avenues in business. Young urban professionals regularly attend DesiYUP events for business purposes, thanks to the promotions and networking capabilities of our goodwill ambassadors. 

Some GWA contribute in anonymity, we only accept their annual contribution if they attend our events actively and inform their relations about our activities. 


Goodwill Ambassador Aniel Autar

Aniel Autar & Sieta Autar

Kooijman-Autar Notarissen

We are very proud to have Aniel Autar our Goodwill Ambassador. He regularly attends the DesiYUP concerts with his wife Sieta and family members, friends and business associates.  

Goodwill Ambassador Shaira Kasi

Shaira Kasi

Parla House of Dentistry

DesiYUP team proudly welcomes our second Good Will Ambassador Shaira Kasi. Shaira is a successful entrepreneur in the field of dentistry and she is a mommy of two beautiful children. The DesiYUP mission resonates with her vision and life’s philosophy to create meaning in society. Thank you Shaira for joining our team.

“Music… it does so much to me. Classical music is again a chapter on its own. The magic of the ancient and the power when it is delivered through the right artist cannot be described. What would we do without it? It seems to stimulate my brain to be more creative and at the same time to shout from the rooftops what effect it has on me! Offcourse I don’t do that, but the urge to share it and also let my children explore this magical flow remains.

But amid all the other priorities in life, how do you manage all? Which concert to go to? Where and when? That’s why it’s a relief that DesiYUP thinks about these aspects in detail and arranges it all. Which is great! Not just for me, but for many other ambitious people who unintentionally let the glory of our culture pass them by. This is our ride to pick up the flow of meaningful Indian music and make it nice and normal. Will you hitch a ride?”

Become our Goodwill Ambassador

Become our DesiYUP Goodwill Ambassador and create more public awareness about Meaningful Music & Indian Art Forms. The donation amount per year is €1000,-. Becoming a Goodwill Ambassador is a matter of trust and mutual respect and connection. How we will spend the money will be annually reported.

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What Artists Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let other artists do the talking!

It gives me great pleasure to write about my experience working with Mahesvari and her team at DesiYUP.

She has been organizing very nice events in the Netherlands for a long time and when she approached me to organise a Classical Music concert, I was concerned whether such a young lady, living far away from India and its cultural influence, born and brought up in a foreign land, could do justice to such a “niche” event. These days finding financial help to organise Indian Classical Music concerts in India is becoming so difficult. I wondered how she could manage to get the finances and crowd for such an event in a foreign land. But all my fears and apprehensions were short lived. She is very sincere in meticulous in her work and leaves no stone unturned to pull off an event. Everything is thought over, every detail covered and every minute properly planned. No doubt she managed to pull off such a big event in June 2017 featuring Rahul Sharma, a young and dynamic young musician from India along with me.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of Mahesvari’s concert. She has been a dear friend and I love the way she is promoting Indian Music in all its genres and forms in Holland. She is young, focused and hard working and has a dedicated team to take her organization to another level. I wish her all the very best and hope that she remembers to include me in her future events too!

Musically Yours,

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

Vindravan Gurukul

DesiYUP is one of the best organisations that curates and organizes a variety of concerts in Europe.

As an artiste, I have associated with DesiYUP on multiple occasions.
From classical concerts at gorgeous venues to home concerts; from fusion concerts of Maatibaani to performing at official programs by the Indian Embassy in The Netherlands, DesiYUP has offered me some of my most memorable concerts!

The DesiYUP concerts stand out for their eye to detail, well thought-of curation of artists and a true effort to bring something new to the music and culture loving audience in Holland and Europe.

I wish The DesiYUP founder and curator, Mahesvari Autar and the Team all the best in their future endeavours.

Nirali Kartik

Indian Classical vocalist and Lead singer, MaatiBaani, NiraliKartik.com

I have had more than a year long association with Desiyup, before we finally managed to do the concert ‘Music without Boundaries’ in 2015. I am impressed with the way DesiYUP went about organizing everything, discovering the wonderful local band that accompanied me at the concert, to the travel, accommodation, concert promotions, press -media interactions, workshops, interviews etc. Everything was thoroughly planned and very well executed. DesiYUP headed by its front woman- Mahesvari- is doing some really incredible work on getting amazing artists and music in Holland and revamping the music scene. I feel it’s actually helping audiences discover and get exposed to independent music and also helping the indie artists reach out to a wider and diverse audience. Kudos!

Vasuda Sharma

Vocalist, Composer, Vasuda Sharma YouTube

Since experiencing the first concert of Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia organised by DesiYUP I saw the quality and professionalism they had for organizing a musicical concert. A lot of hardwork and time goes behind the scenes to make it a success and I’ve only seen DesiYUP display such a commitment. I knew I had to be involved in projects with them and fortunately, I have been ever since. I have only seen DesiYUP grow and organize some of the best concerts in The Netherlands. I wish the DesiYUP team more success in the coming years and am looking forward to working with them in the future.

Yama Sarsar

Tabla Player, yamasarshar.com

As a performing artist for more than 20 years, I must say it was a pleasure to work with the team DesiYUP. They take care of every minor detail in organising the events, as well as taking care of the basic needs and comforts of the artists. Very efficient, organised and passionate group of people with the enthusiasm and love for genuine Indian culture and music! I rank them in my list of top 5 organisers that I have worked over the years. Also they do as they said, which is difficult to find nowadays. Thank you DesiYUP team and looking forward to collaborate again. Best wishes and Om Shanti.

Manish Vyas

Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Performer, manishvyas.com

I am thrilled to share my testimonial about the remarkable experience of performing my debut album, ‘Anomaly,’ at De Doelen in Rotterdam. This wonderful event was spearheaded by the brilliant Mahesvari Autar and her exceptional team at DesiYUP, as well as the wonderful Edwin van Andel from the Doelen.

DesiYUP’s genuine passion for promoting diverse musical talents and their unwavering commitment to creating extraordinary experiences were evident from the start. The professionalism and attention to detail displayed by the Doelen and DesiYUP team were highly commendable and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

I am immensely grateful for Mahesvari’s support and guidance throughout the journey. Her warmth and encouragement fostered a collaborative environment and the event’s success is a testament to her exceptional skills as well as the dedication of the DesiYUP and Doelen team.

Performing my debut album at De Doelen, Rotterdam was an incredible honour. I am grateful for the opportunity to play alongside such talented individuals to an exceptionally warm and responsive audience. Thank you and I hope to come back to Rotterdam soon!

Jasdeep Singh Degun

Sitarist, Composer, www.jasdeepsinghdegun.com

What an incredible experience collaborating with DesiYUP for Yoga Nidra! From initial planning to execution on the day of the concert to final close up, everything was professional, efficient and thorough. This is an organization with a lot of heart! It was also fulfilling to be connected with Dutch musicians Prewien and Daniele who were so passionate about Indian music and spirituality — collaborators whom we can now call our friends. Highly recommend Mahesvari, Ashis, and the entire DesiYUP powerhouse team for any and all concerts in Holland!

Aks & Lakshmi

Electronic Bhakti Musicians, Eclipse Nirvana

Darbar Festival is pleased to partner with DesiYUP, who are champions of Indian culture through great contemporary and classical events. The DesiYUP team is full of passion and determination whom we love to work with to celebrate Indian arts in Holland

Sandeep Virde

Artistic Director, Darbar Festivals

DesiYUP and MaatiBaani have collaborated on several occassions and needless to say that they have made our presence felt in The Netherlands.The Holland India Festival, Full Moon Babylon and also PM Modi’s historic arrival in Holland are just a few occasions Maati Baani has performed in The Netherlands.

The biggest strength of DesiYUP is their philosophy of taking care of ‘every tiny little detail’ from the start till the end of an event. They give equal importance to PR, Social Media, arranging artistes interview in top Radio stations and TV channels, on the ground promotions like standees and posters, making video content to promote the concert and meet and Greet parties after the event which are extremely important for an artist to be noticed.

Other than this, their hospitality regarding travel, stay, food is out of the world. We are provided with the best rehearsal spaces that could fit an entire orchestra!

DesiYUP’s geeky young team is extremely friendly and make sure that there is enough time for Soundcheck and the best snacks and beverages in the green room, right before the concert.
We really wish that all artistes get to work with a team like DesiYUP!

Maati Baani

Maati Baani YouTube

I am proud and greatly humbled to say that I was one of the first artists chosen by DesiYUP for a solo concert in Rotterdam and have since then watched them explode as a company. In fact I have worked on two concerts with DesiYUP, one was for a televised program and part of a documentary, and the second was my own concert.

DesiYUP gives artists a voice, a platform, an opportunity to express and show ones true colour of consciousness. The team behind DesiYUP (Mahesvari Autar and co.) work tirelessly and they are 100% passionate and committed to their projects.

I have never witnessed such a high level of love, dedication and determination to the arts. DesiYUP truly respects artists, it honours artists who are trying to do something different, artists who are changing the path and bringing something new to the table. In my personal example, infinite concert organizers can put on a Bollywood concert, but DesiYUP doesn’t want to do just what everyone else can do, it wants to do what no one else can do, and in my case it did that by giving me, a devotional singer, a platform to express and be.

I could praise DesiYUP and the team forever – they are a much need company and I am so glad they exist! They are highly reputable, energetic, fair, and most of all, creative in their endeavors. I hope to work with them again and again and again, it would be a blessing to me!

Shivali Bhammer

Singer, Professional Dancer, Writer, Actor, Orator, shivali.co.uk

DesiYup is an important provider to the South Asian music community as it has true love, dedication and passion at its core. This means they act for the sole benefit of the audience and artists and not themselves, resulting in excellence in their work. Their goal to expand the musical landscape of the Netherlands and at the same time help up coming musicians develop is just another thing that makes them so special.

Shammi Pithia

Composer, Flutist, shammipithia.com

Dear Mahesvari,
It was nice meeting you and your dedicated team in Rotterdam. I am really impressed by your hard work, your passion and your commitment to preserve and promote Indian art, culture and music in Netherlands. Indian music needs such a DesiYUP and Mahesvari in each and every part of the world, so that we can reach out to the people to spread and showcase what India is all about. I am very glad of the way you handled the whole event and I am looking forward for the long-term association with DesiYUP and I will be there for you and your team whenever necessary. Thank you very much for everything and kudos to you, your team and DesiYUP.

Pandit Rupak Kulkarni

Bansuri Player, fluterupakkulkarni.com

I have had the pleasure to work with DesiYUP twice now. I felt very much respected and taken care of as a musician. Mahesvari will do everything in her power to arrange things perfectly to ensure that musicians can just focus on their art. She does as she promises, which is a quality I find very important in an organizer. I have experienced it as a very trustworthy, professional and kind collaboration!

Daniëlle van Driel

Harpist, Vocalist, danielleuriel.nl

Mahesvari when I met you for the first time last year I knew there was something very different about you. You are definitely in the league of the very enterprising women of today showcasing music from various countries through your organization DesiYUP. For our Muses Of Mindfulness concert you had almost single handedly delivered a very successful program featuring Indian classical, light classical music and mantras. We almost had a sold out show with more than 250 people enjoying the concert which I think is a huge number considering classical music and it’s niche following and the city it was held in. As an artist I was so happy with the hospitality where every minute details were looked after. I know that DesiYUP is one of the best Art organization in Europe. I wish you and your team even greater success in your future projects and programs, Hemang Mehta.

Hemang Mehta

Indian Classical Singer, hemangmehta.org


I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to DesiYUP for making me a part of the Muses of Mindfulness concert. Its so inspiring to see such a turnout at an Indian classical concert of comparatively newer artistes in Netherlands.

The concert was very nicely curated with elements of spirituality and entertainment although remaining essentially within the boundaries of classical music. I really liked the fact that DesiYUP incorporated local talent like Prewien Pandohi-Mishre along with artistes from Delhi and Pune in India – two very important centres of classical music. The church was also a perfect setting in creating the ambience of the concert. It was my first meeting with Yama Sarshar, a fantastic and talented tabla artiste who performed with me in the concert and I really look forward to perform with him in many more occasions in future.

Lastly, I wish all the success not only to DesiYUP for its future endeavors, but also to Mahesvari Autar, whose energy, blood-sweat and year-long preparations was behind the success of this concert. As an artiste, I would like to see many more Mahesvari’s in the field of arts who believes in promoting the new generation artistes and wants to engage the newer generation as audience towards Indian arts. I hope to be a part of DesiYUP in future and would like to volunteer for anything I can do.

Anirban Bhattacharyya

Indian Classical Singer

Being a musician, sometimes I struggle  with words as words can not do justice to the amazing experience I had to perform for DesiYUP  last year. I will cherish that for a very long time.
I am extremely proud of Mahesvari Autar (founder of DesiYUP) for her real dedication, passion and determination toward promoting good music in Holland and I am fortunate to witness the magic of DesiYUP. I look forward to serve this organization with my music again. All the best wishes and more power to this young inspiring entrepreneur Mahesvari and her team. Prayers for many more successes.

Debasmita Bhattacharyya

Sarod player, debasmitasarod.com

Working with the team at DesiYUP on our first concert was a truly artistically enriching experience.  Their attention to detail and focus on bringing the highest quality musical experience to diverse audiences is well executed and makes working with them an absolute pleasure.  I’m so impressed and proud of the work they do with Mahesvari leading the team (which is more like a family) and being hands on with each project from conception right through to delivery.  What is most special about them is that they shine a spotlight on both popular and new talent, giving opportunities to the artists of tomorrow by helping them collaborate with the artists of the today – and both grow as a result.  I have known and worked with Mahesvari for the last 6 years and she has helped showcase my work to a wider audience through DesiYUP.  The genuine support and passion for their work is inspiring and I look forward to working with DesiYUP again in the near future.

Navin Kundra

Singer, Songwriter, Navin-Online.com

We had an absolutely lovely show in Rotterdam to a very receptive and appreciative international audience, it was a sheer pleasure working with Mahesvari Autar from DesiYUP as our professional partner and organiser for this concert.

Prem Joshua

Multi-Instrumentalist, Prem Joshua and Band