Neelam Matadin was only 8 years old when her uncle discovered her talent for singing. When she was 12 she performed together with Baitak Gana legend Kries Ramkhelawan. And since five years she is part of a Surinamese music band named Freestyle, where she sings popular Bollywood cover songs. Neelam’s music is loved by millions and with her voice she stole hearts in several countries Guyana, Curacao, Indonesia, Netherlands and India.

When it comes to my music, Covid-19 has impacted me on different levels. As a lead vocalist of a band, I feel it deep in my pocket because there are currently no concerts or performances happening in Suriname or neighboring countries So basically my main source of income has dropped. But this also means that for months I didn’t interact with my fans on a personal level“.

Time for family and studies

Neelams says that the coronavirus also proofed to have a positive effect on her. She worked more on her mental health and focused more on her studies, Bachelor in Oral Health Therapy, which is currently her main priority. “I was able to plan a daily-weekly-monthly schedule to train myself on a physical and mental level. Surprisingly I was able to communicate more and do lots of other things that I normally would not have time for. Most importantly I spend more time with my lovely parents and not so annoying brother”.

Making music video’s

With today’s technology solutions it becomes much easier to interact (online) with fans and followers even during a pandemic Neelam continues to keep herself busy with her art. “I go live with our music band ‘Freestyle’ on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Our live sessions are broadcasted on television as well and to thank our fans that we appreciate their support we send them virtual gift & cards. By far the best thing of being in lockdown is that we produced three brand new music video’s for our fans“.

Bye bye toxic people

If there is one thing that Neelam will leave behind in 2020 it’s dealing with toxic people who don’t empower her in a positive way. “Another thing that I want to improve in being loyal to my daily routines to reach my goals in life! This year also made me realize how grateful I am to every amazing soul, who supported me and made me grow in my career, especially my wonderful family for staying healthy together even during the pandemic“.

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