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Reprise Many Faces of Love -An exploration of Mythological Stories

A Multidisciplinary Performance about Love

Sunday 13 February 2022

Love, the binding force that holds humanity together. It is the one emotion we all carry with us, and one that has many colours, forms, and expressions. Even the Gods, Goddesses, celestials and sages have their own love entanglements. Some feel the unfurling of butterflies in their body, some consume the bittersweet pill of love, which is wrapped in sorrow, and some transform their love into devotion. No matter what the response is towards love it’s worthy of praise.

Shivali Bhammer takes you on a provocative poetic journey of love stories based on ancient Hindu scriptures. Each retelling unravels an emotion that every heart can relate to, shedding light on a different perspective of the one thing that hits us to our core, love. If you want to go on an adventure full of passion, unexpected twists, and a lot of drama, all you need to do is sit back and listen.

The essence of these nine extraordinary affairs of the heart will be layered with melodic raga-based compositions by Diepak Ramjiawan, and the rich vibration of the strings by Annelieke Marselje on violin. At the end of this journey you will fall in love with love itself!

Shivali Bhammer The Many Faces of Love

Concert Information

Shivali Bhammer (Storytelling & dance)
Diepak Ramjiawan (Hindustani classical vocals & harmonium)
Annelieke Marselje (Western classical violin & special effects)


Concert Date: Sunday 13 February 2022

Running time: 90 minutes, interval /pauze 15 mins
Meet the artists after the performance
Language: English

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