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The Many Faces of Love

Everybody falls in love! Love is the strongest emotion that a human being can experience in life, and one that has many colours, forms, and expressions. Even the Gods, Goddesses, celestials and saints have their own love entanglements.

Some feel a cheering explosion of butterflies in their body, some consume the bittersweet pill of love, which is wrapped in sorrow, and some transform their love into devotion. No matter what the response is towards love it’s worthy of praise. Shivali Bhammer will narrate nine divine stories, that every heart can relate to. Each story unravels an emotion that reveals a perspective on love.

Once upon a time Subhadra rebelled and she kidnapped warrior Arjuna. Parvati’s devotion turned yogic Shiva into a householder. Krishna stole Radha’s heart with his flute. Sita decided to leave her beloved husband Rama. Budh, nor man nor woman was completely accepted by Ila, who once was a man. Celestial fairy Meneka seduced sage Vishwamitra.

These affairs of the heart will be enhanced by the melodic raga-based vocal compositions of Vee Kapoor, and the rich vibrations of the strings by Annelieke Marselje on violin. At the end of this interactive performative storytelling program you will fall in love with love itself!

Concert Info

Saturday 8 February 20.30hrs
Running time: 90 minutes, no interval
Meet the artists after the performance
Language: English
Storytelling, dance: Shivali Bhammer
Vocals, harmonium: Vee Kapoor
Violin, special effects: Annelieke Marselje
Concept, direction, visual video: Mahesvari Autar
Programmer: Mirella Boumans
Decor: De Doelen/ DesiYUP

Tickets: €29.00


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