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Little Yogi’s

Indian Raga Music & Yoga for Children 5+

Join this adventurous and musical yoga journey

Daniëlle and Prewien will take you on an adventurous journey to ancient India. There you will meet Shiva. The very first Yogi. He will take you along wild rivers, high mountains and the forest full of wild animals. During this interactive music program, yoga teacher Angela will do a few yoga postures that you can at home with your mommy or daddy.

Participate on a soft surface or yoga mat. You don’t need anything else for this adventure.

Event Info

Artist: Prewien Pandohi-Mishre & Daniëlle van Driel
Yoga Teacher: Angela Ramjan
Date: Zo. 17 April
Time: 11:00 hours
Venue: Livestream from De Doelen Rotterdam
Tickets: Free with registration

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