The Britisch Asian singer and songwriter Navin Kundra is a bucket full of musical talent. We know him from songs like Aaja, Nach Le, Mehbooba, Tudke Tukde, Love Thing and Tere liye. Recently he released a new single ‘Shudaayi’, which became number one in the iTunes World Charts. Read his interview with DesiYUP.

DY: ‘Shudaayi’ released recently on iTunes and it was a hit in the world charts, what was your first reaction?

NK: I was elated on hearing the news that I had secured my 6th number one single with ‘Shudaayi’.  It’s a very different song for me and I had been working on it for the best part of one and a half years.  After such hard work, it’s great to know that the audience loves the song enough to buy original copies, request the song on the radio and vote for it!

DY: What music genre do you love?

NK: I like most genres and prefer to keep an open mind when it comes to consuming and creating music across genres. Amongst my favourite genres are Pop and Soul.

DY: If you could perform for Coke Studio India with whom would you perform?

NK: I would love to do something with Arif Lohar or Sain Zahoor. They have phenomenal voices and I love their Coke Studio sessions.

DY: Are you working on a new music album?

NK: I’m not working on an album as such but yes, I am definitely working on new music and am hoping to put out my follow up single to ‘Shudaayi’ very soon!  I’ll try not to keep the wait so long for everyone this time because I’m even more excited about this single I’m working on now than I was about ‘Shudaayi’.

DY: Which British Asian talent should be noticed according to you? 

NK: There’s some great talent in our industry and I think Roach Killa, Vee and Ishers (Hunterz’s brothers) and a very young singer, Nish, should get more recognition. To be honest I have been a fan of British Asian for a very long time and enjoy listening to everyone from DCS to Alaap and PBN to Imran Khan – it’s a vibrant industry and there is a lot happening now. I think the key to musical success is to be able to differentiate yourse lf from other artists and constantly develop your own sound and style.

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