Jonita Gandhi

Jonita created a buzz on YouTube with her Hindi playback song ‘Pani Da Rang’, which is a song from the Bollywood film ‘Vicky Donor’. Jonita is experienced in Bollywood music and light classical, but also performs western classical, RnB and pop.

DY: What does your musical repertoire consist of?

JG: At the moment most of my work, which is up online and has gotten a lot of attention are my covers. I guess since people can relate to covers more; my cover work has gotten the most buzz. For several of them, I’ve teamed up with musician and music director Aakash Gandhi and flutist Sahil Khan; together we take inspiration from Bollywood songs and put our own spin on them. I have actually sung many original works as well.

DY: Do you blend Indian music with Western elements?

JG: My art is an expression of my personality, my life, my soul. Having been brought up outside India with Indian roots, I’ve grown up experimenting with several different styles and genres. When I sing, I do try to incorporate the variety of sounds that I’ve been exposed to over the years. As an Indo-Canadian, I think both my Eastern and Western influences come out in my singing. After all, music knows no culture or language, and so whenever it feels appropriate, I love trying to mix Indian music with Western elements.

DY: What is your dream when it comes to making music?

JG: My dreams in music change as I grow and evolve as an artist. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is sing playback for Hindi films. I’ve also had the dream of working with some of my idols in the Indian music industry, such as AR Rehman, whose international appeal is exemplary. However the possibilities are boundless and as for the near future I just hope to continue to work with amazing musicians and expand my musical reach as far as possible.

DY: Who is your favorite singer that inspires you?

JG: There are several artists to whom I look up to, and from whom I can learn a lot. Among my favorites are Lataji, Ashaji, Hariharan, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Just to name a few..However if I had to choose one, I would definitely say that my favorite singer is Sonu Niigam. As an all-rounded artist (live performer, recording artist, versatility, personality), I truly believe he is unparalleled! I’m extremely lucky to have worked with him and to have witnessed his brilliance live.

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