Taj Mahal Tower Mumbai – experiencing incredible Indian hospitality

Prime Minister Mark Rutte, four ministers & 220 participants Taj Diplomatic Enclave New Delhi

ROTTERDAM – The Netherlands Trade Mission to India organized by RVO and leaded by VNO-NCW chairman Hoes de Boer was a successful event for us. DesiYUP got the opportunity to expand our artist network and we connected with Dutch and Indian SME’s, ministers and policymakers.

This trade mission to India already generated an estimated 170 million euros in contracts for The Netherlands. The Dutch Prime Minister Rutte accompanied by Ministers Kaag (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation), Schouten (Agriculture), Van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) and Bruins (Medical Care and Sport). Representing in total 130 companies who seek for possibilities to do business with the Indian industry.  This is so far the biggest ever business mission from The Netherlands to India

Minister Sigrid Kaag and DesiYUP founder Mahesvari Autar during Holland Trade Dinner in New Delhi, at the residence of the Dutch Ambassador H.E. Alphonsus Stoelinga.

Overall the trade mission was a great success for both countries, but DesiYUP couldn’t help noticing that cultural elements such as music and dance was under-represented. We believe that the Holland Trade Dinner could have been much more lively and with music performances from both counties. That’s one thing we hope to change in the near future. Indian music is a distinctive art form that influences the daily life of millions of people. Therefore DesiYUP will encourage companies to act as patron’s and invest in Indie music in this way we can continue to familiarize the West with the Indian sound. We connected with so many talented musicians in Mumbai each one of them have the ability to entertain you to the core: DesiYUP Artist meet was a successful affair

Kastel Wittenberg in Wassenaar was this week the destined venue to discuss the Netherlands and India cooperation across various sectors. The Indian Embassy held  an interactive session for members of the  Trade Mission which accompanied Prime Minister Mark Rutte to India and others interested in doing business with India.

Our mission is now to familiarize Dutch companies with Indian music culture. We will actively invite them to attend our activities and create informal opportunities in a  relaxed atmosphere to do business.

Indian Ambassador to The Netherlands Venu Rajamony and DesiYUP founder Mahesvari Autar during Holland Trade Dinner in New Delhi, at the residence of the Dutch Ambassador H.E. Alphonsus Stoelinga.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming DesiYUP concerts: 7th October Hindi Cinema Classics with Vasuda Sharma and Navin Kundra accompanied by the best Bollywood band from UK The515Crew. On the 23rd of October an alluring bansuri recital with Rupak Kulkarni, this concert is in collaboration with Darbar Festival.

We thank Prolusion for making it possible for us to participate in this trade mission and to team up with us.

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