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DesiYUP is more than just a multimedia music platform or a brand. It’s an micro-influencer specialized in music, art, literature, cinema and lifestyle/spirituality. The target audience is primarily highly educated cosmopolites. They are seekers of a meaningful and fulfilling life. Our audience finds happiness in exploring the diversity in art forms and appreciating the beauty and complexity of nature. DesiYUP is a gateway to the Indian Diaspora World Wide. 

Tell your story 

If your product, service and brand meets the profile of our audience, we will communicate your ‘message’ efficiently and in a meaningful way. We take the responsibility to provide your organization with creative online solutions. Through an online media campaign we generate leads, more brand awareness and consumer loyalty. We believe in building long term relationships with companies that like to endorse their products or services. 

Online Cross-Marketing Mix 

DesiYUP Media Productions is active on several social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. On social media we target an audience that is interested in the content that we offer. Social media offers us a great platform to engage with our audience world wide, but we also decided to build a loyal audience through our DesiYUP News Letter and website. We only send news letters when we have high quality content to share with our subscribers. 

Influencer Marketing

Don’t overthink! Write us an email to discover how we can team up. Let’s meet for a cup of tea and see if we can align our goals. If you are based outside The Netherlands we can have a video Skype call. Based on our mutual interests we will decide on the path of our journey. Read our Mission Statement.

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