DesiYUP and CinemAsia Film Festival are joining forces in promoting each other’s events. Our main mission is to offer more diversity in Asian art forms. To celebrate this collaboration DesiYUP is giving away free tickets for Indian films (original language with English subtitles), which will be screened during the CinemAsia Film Festival.

About CinemAsia

CinemAsia is an annual film festival that dedicates itself to broadening the horizons of the Dutch public and the Dutch film industry in regards to contemporary Asian cinema by offering them a selection of the best commercial and art house films Asia has to offer.

The festival focuses not only on culture and entertainment, but also strives to provide a creative platform for Asian filmmakers. The 8th edition of the CinemAsia Film Festival will take place between 1-6 April 2015 in Amsterdam, and in The Hague, Rotterdam and Eindhoven during CinemAsia on Tour.

Give-away tickets for films

Scene from the movie Tigers

Scene from the movie Tigers

Tigers (India 2014) is an award-winning feature film by Oscar-winning director Danis Tanovic, starring Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi as lead actor. The film is based on a true story about one man against the big multinational.




See for more info:

Screening date + location: Friday 3 April 15:45, Sunday 5 April 17:30 | Kriterion in Amsterdam,
Sunday 12 April 18:40 | Natlab by Plaza Futura in Eindhoven

  • 2 give-away tickets for TIGERS Friday 3 April 15:45, Kriterion in Amsterdam
  • 2 give-away tickets for TIGERS Sunday 5 April 17:30, Kriterion in Amsterdam
  • 2 give-away tickets for TIGERS Sunday 12 April 18:40, Natlab by Plaza Futura in Eindhoven


Horn Please_Jodhpur TrucksShort film ‘Horn Please’ (India 2014) (32 min) + Dot 2 Dot (Hong Kong/China 2014) (89 min). HORN PLEASE is a short documentary about truck art in India, that explains and explores this national and cultural phenomenon in ten bite-sized chapters.


  • 2 give-away tickets HORN PLEASE + DOT 2 DOT, Thursday 2 April 19:45, Kriterion in Amsterdam
  • 2 give-away tickets HORN PLEASE + DOT 2 DOT, Monday 6 April 14:45, Kriterion in Amsterdam

CinemAsia also have their own FilmLAB in which they focus on Asian diaspora stories. At the FilmLAB they guide upcoming young filmtalents to make a short film about Dutch-Asian identity. The theme for 2015 is ‘rituals’. After an intensive production process their films go in world premiere during our CinemAsia Film Festival in April.

One of the contestants is Roshni Markus-Oedit. She’s finished her film ‘VERBODEN LIEFDE’, in which she emphasizes the Diwali festival.

Screening date + location: Saturday 4 April 15:30, Sunday 5 April 15:00 | Kriterion Amsterdam
Saturday 11 April 14:10 | Natlab (by Plaza Futura) Eindhoven
Sunday 19 April 15:00 | Worm in Rotterdam

  • 2 give-away tickets VERBODEN LIEFDE Saturday 4 April 15:30 | Kriterion Amsterdam + Q&A with director
  • 2 give-away tickets Saturday 11 April 14:10 | Natlab (by Plaza Futura) Eindhoven + Q&A with director (including screening of Taiwanese film Endless Night in Aurora)


How do we distribute the tickets?

If you are interested to attend a screening please send us your name + email address. The winners will get a confirmation and will be included in the guest list. Don’t forget to mention the film, date and city in your email!!!!

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