Mumbai, May 21, 2018: Holland based company – DesiYUP’s Artist Meet in JW Marriott Mumbai was graced by talented Indian musicians and singers. Indian music and ragas are not only appreciated, but also soulfully enjoyed in most foreign countries and Holland is no exception. But what’s different in Holland is the beautiful amalgamation of singers, musicians and artists that people get to witness and cherish their art, thanks to DesiYUP.

What DesiYUP is about

DesiYUP was founded by Mahesvari Autar in 2012 and as a company appreciates and promotes Indian music talent in Holland. The company focuses on independent musicians from India, maestros in genres from classical to folk and Bollywood, giving the artists a huge platform in Holland to showcase their talent and the rich Indian culture. Indian classical music is the root of all Indian music and remains an essential part of all other Indian musical genres. Thus, DesiYUP organizes not only cross-over, fusion and folk concerts, but also Indian classical music to familiarize the Dutch society with the Indian sound, instruments, forms and styles. DesiYUP’s team on the occasion of state mission in India is in Mumbai and hosted a soulful meet and greet for the talented musicians, singers and artistes.

Connecting with Indian Musicians

Mahesvari Autar, Founder, DesiYUP quotes, “the idea behind this artist meet is to connect with Indian musicians. Normally the only way to connect with these musicians is through social media, but meeting people in person creates a much stronger bond. Also I’m a big fan of the musicians that we invited for this gathering. I want to understand their perspective on creating own music content and to be updated about all their current projects. In general music can communicate to a greater number of individuals and over greater distances than language. Making music together or listening to music simultaneously encourages building a community together. And what we tried to do with these artists meet is to be bring as many as talented Indie-musicians together under one roof.”

The meet and greet certainly was a success but the real honour awaits. Prime Minister Mark Rutte will meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the strategic relationship between the Netherlands and India and the scope for deepening this cooperation. And DesiYUP is one of the 130 Dutch companies who will participate in this state mission and Mahesvari Autar is the youngest female entrepreneur with an Indian diaspora background in this group.

Part of a high level Trade Mission

Mahesvari Autar, Founder, DesiYUP throws light on the trade mission, “DesiYUP is part of a high-level trade mission which will start from the 23rd of May till the 25th of May. Our Prime Minister Mark Rutte and four ministers are coming to Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

There are 130 companies who are also part of this trade mission and DesiYUP is the only cultural organization in this group that focuses on the soft power of India. Indian music and cultural elements such as Dance, Yoga, Ayurveda and Bollywood play a role in boosting India’s image as a soft power and they help to realize policy-making, business and diplomatic goals in The Netherlands. Cultural diplomacy establishes, revives and strengthens cultural relations and mutual understanding between The Netherlands and India.”

While the Delhi expedition awaits, the Mumbai visit was successful. The special artist meet was attended by Nirali Kartik & Kartik Shah of Maati Baani fame, the very talented singer Vasuda Sharma, Gaurav Dagaonkar, Priyanka Patel, Ankita Joshi, Amit Mishra, Santosh Ghante, Ambili Menon, Nirmika Singh, Shankar Tucker amongst others.

Check out some Photo’s of the Artist meet in Mumbai

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