Shammi Pithia collageI’m in London since Monday to do some interviews for DesiYUP and I’m so excited about it. Meeting new people who are deeply involved in music and know how to cross-connect fill my heart with happiness.

Shammi Pithia is one of the artist that I’m meeting during my stay. He is a great creative composer living in London. His vision of what can be done with different sounds of different instruments is worth listening to. His music can be defined as unique audial fine art. One can only understand it once they listen to it.

Yesterday Shammi and I came together to discuss our plan to make videoclips. We will at least record one video today in central London and do an interview about his music. For me it will be a complete new journey, because this is my first abroad music video that I will shoot. The song is acoustic and has no vocals. For me, this is one aspect that makes Shammi’s music so heart touching. A person who listens to Shammi’s composed music is free to feel any emotion that he or she wants.

While you guys are waiting for this music video to be published, let’s listen and enjoy this video: (Poems without Words)

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