Shammi and Mahesvari in his Studio in England

To quote the much loved fictional character in the UK, Paddington Bear “In London, everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.” Composer Shammi Pithia is one of those people that is different, impossible to label and has its own unique sound. A sound so unfamiliar for Dutch standards, that we decided to meet in person in London.

New sound of London

I made up my mind during our first meeting that it would be a good opportunity to surprise Rotterdam with this new creative sound. I heard his Poem Without Words and immediately became his fan! At the same time it would be hard to put in words the sounds of Shammi and to convey his idea about music to the Dutch audience,, but that is the fun part of being a brand new music platform that programs new voices, gives room to refreshing ideas and initiates unexpected collaboration.

Pause for a moment

To engage with the Dutch audience we worked on recording and filming several music videos. This would be my first music video shoot abroad and that too with limited resources. One can only understand what this new voice will do when they hear his music. The music video that we recorded was Pause, letting you to stand still for a moment and dwell in your inner being.

With Love,

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