Flute that Groove offers something different in the realm of light entertainment. Along with the inclusion of keyboards and Indian and Western rhythm, Flute that Groove’s uniqueness lies in the presence of the bānsurī, the Indian bamboo flute.

Flute that Groove

The bānsurī touches the heart in ways that no other instrument does and its purity of sound is perhaps why many spiritual metaphors liken the human heart to a bamboo flute. Flute that Groove’s repertoire is diverse; not only are Indian songs belonging to both the present day and yesteryear performed, well-known Western Pop numbers find themselves innovatively featured.

Flute that Groove is comprised of three musicians who are also professionals outside of their world of music.

Kamal (dholak, tabla, dafli), Rishi (guitar and keyboard) and Millan (bānsurī) are actively engaged in both the fields of design and media, and education. Together, their interests lie in a plethora of things creative and academic.

All of Flute that Groove’s musicians are versatile in playing numerous instruments and both individually and collectively, have years of experience in studio production as well as in live performances. All this together allows Flute that Groove to bring its combined skills and knowledge together with technology to give the heart-warming sound appreciated by so many of its listeners.

flute that groove banner

Flute that Groove performs at all types of events such as parties, wedding receptions and award ceremonies. The band is chosen when a sound that is required is one that is sophisticated, relaxing and live, acting as non-intrusive background music.

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