Gita Desai, a resident of Los Angeles, has devoted the past 14 years of her life in creating the three most comprehensive documentary series to date on the profound Indian traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda and Raga Music. She worked on making Raga Unveiled from 2005 to 2009. Gita’s single-minded vision is to bring these powerful ancient sciences to as many people around the world, while keeping their spiritual essence intact. At the core is her ambition to transform the viewers at the deepest level through a fully immersive experience. Nothing less, nothing more!

All three of Gita’s documentaries are self funded and budgets have been monumental. They are in essence “textbook films” she states so they should be used like books. You must own the whole and digest chapter by chapter many times over.

This four-hour documentary is not only a terrific introduction to North Indian classical music, but a treasury of interviews with many of India’s greatest living musicians and music scholars. Each of its twelve sections sheds”. Yoga + Joyful Living Magazine by Rolf Sovik, President of Himalayan Institute

Classical Music Patrons

Gita and her husband have been lovers and patrons to classical music since their younger days. They have organized many large to house concerts, supported and helped many musicians as they passed through the US and part funded a New York city music school. “My relationships with the music maestros helped get their support to make Raga Unveiled. Pandit Vijay Kichlu, who is extensively featured, was a great help in reaching some of the big names. Many trips to India, around the cities and some filming in the US entailed a lot of travels”.

For the study of Indian Classical Music, there is no greater resource than “Raga Unveiled”. Using it in the classroom is like taking your students on an in-depth research trip to India. I am grateful that such a resource exists. A true educational treasure.” Jackson Local Schools, Mrs. Michele N. Monigold

Extraordinary exquisite gift

The late Sri Ashok Ranade, one of India’s best known musicologists blew Gita’s mind away. His insights into the how and why of what is done during the training of artists, instruments of India, nuances of performing Ragas, history, evolution etc, was refreshing and unique.

Indian Classical music, if heard, imbibed and perceived with care, patience and in the right manner as proposed by the “ancient architects”, then its potential as a tool for self transform to the listener and performer is immense. Your cultural reference or age does not matter, all can benefit. Indian Music is an extraordinary exquisite gift for all!”

Raga Unveiled is a unique and timeless masterpiece. Gita Desai has produced the ultimate, contemporary, guide to India’s rich and unparalleled relationship between sound and the deepest levels of the soul.” Larry Payne Ph.D. Founding President, International Association of Yoga Therapists

No life without Raga Music

During the pandemic, we all have more time and more worries says Gita. “Both can be helped by either listening to great recordings or making music with our voices and instruments. The inner calm and peace that sets in will also boost immune function and homeostasis in us so that we can be resilient to the infections.

Gita cannot see her life without Raga music. “All that I am and do has much to do with the Swaras, bols and ragas that embrace us on a daily basis. Making Raga Unveiled was a dream come true, an opportunity to deeply understand the grandeur of the architecture of this tradition!”

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