There is always an uplifting piece of music that will open our deepest emotions, renew our spirit and let us know that we are not alone. There is a type of music to bring us back home to our own self and that’s what this music is about.

The most favorite Hindu festival of all, Holi has a strong connection with the divine Krishna. It’s been written in many scriptures that Krishna started this tradition of Holi with his beloved Radha. He enjoyed teasing her by throwing blue color on Radha’s fair face.

The most common way to celebrate Holi is by going outdoors, shooting with water pistols, called pichkaris and by smearing or getting smeared by loved ones with colorful paint called gulaal or abeer. Nowadays Holi marks the arrival of spring and the end of the gloomy winter, but there is more to this beautiful festival then outdoor playing and pranks.

Holi expressed through music 

The philosophy of Holi, the celebration of love, can beautifully be expressed through music. Professor Harsha V. Dehejia says that Krishna’s flute is not just music but a call to eternity, his sensual love a doorway to a love transcendent, his very being an invitation to self realization.

Although there is no shortage of Holi parties in Holland, with DesiYUP we feel the need to facilitate to an audience that is drawn to the spiritual meaning of Holi. Therefore we are organizing a concert with a celebratory engagement with life on a musical level. It sounds like a simple wish, but finding the right artist for this particular concert has been challenging.

We had to find a musician that embodies the core values of this festival. A musician that is entangled with spiritual music and who is appealing to a broad audience. A musician who’s mission it is to transmit the genuine spirit of Indian music as learned by the Maestros of India and who has been sharing this music around the world merging with different cultures.

Unique phenomenon in the world of music Manish Vyas

We believe that the best musician for this concert is composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer Manish Vyas. He plays tabla and Indian percussions, santoor, harmonium and keyboard. Along his musical and spiritual path, he has composed hundreds of songs, mainly in the devotional, mystical and sufi genres. He has released 15 albums of music, from mantras to sufi, dance, easy-listening and instrumental based on Indian Ragas.

Manish conceives genuine music that makes us feel united with the whole world, because there are no inner or outer boundaries. Since Holi is almost around the corner, we have to hurry and finalize a concert date and venue very soon. Keep an eye on this blog post to find out if we will succeed in getting a date with Manish and subscribe to our DesiYUP news letter to receive an event update for Holi Utsava.

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Introduce yourself with Manish Vyas on our DesiYUP YouTube channel. 


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