Today it’s a special day for me. 21st of June is marked by the United Nations as the International Day of Yoga. And today it’s also World Music Day! On this special occasion I like to share with you my personal experience with Nada Yoga. Which means Yoga of sacred sounds. The most common word to describe sacred sounds is Mantra. A mantra can be a word, a phrase, a syllable or even sounds associated with nature. It’s this form of Yoga that helps me to find peace and solitude in the city.


Living in the city gives me freedom, Freedom to embrace an anonymous identity, It encourages me to master my skills on a daily basis, The city gives me opportunities to grow as a professional, But even this good fortune comes with sacrifices.

My job demands focus. I have to respect deadlines. And making mistakes can cause several problems or even sleepless nights. Being a freelancer in the city means competing with others, constantly running from one project to the other. And above all this we are nowadays overloaded with a stream of endless information that people of all walks of life share with us. I think that all of you here can relate to this hasty lifestyle.


The only thing that keeps me balanced are sacred sounds. And I use Nada Yoga as a effective pain killer. I listen to Mantra’s or classical music when I’m walking, traveling, when I need time to reflect at home, or when I need to focus on my breathing. Even when I pay a visit to my dentist I listen to meaningful music to calm down. Sacred music brings my overactive mind in a state of peace and it recharges me to continue my hectic life in the city.


Manish Vyas during the Naad Shakti Concert in de Pelgrimvaderskerk in Rotterdam

My ritual of listening to meaningful music is not merely a stress- reducer. My love for sacred music has become my way to expressing gratitude towards the Divine. In fact, I connect with God through music. Therefore since the last 7 years I have dedicated a large part of my life in sharing meaningful music with others. The musicians that I work with uplift the spirit of our audience. The meaningful concerts that I organize transcend culture, religion, language, race and color. My mission is to invoke bliss in abundance.

On this International Day of Yoga and World Music Day I like to conclude my message with a Mantra recital that tells the Creator that we place our faith and trust Entirely to Her. We request Him to keep away from us all that is evil and bestow upon us all that is good. May we all live a peaceful life.

AUM vishwaani deva savitar duritaani paraasuva Yad bhadram tanma aasuva

AUM Shantih Shantih Shantih!

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