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Dutch Parliament promotes Maati Baani

It’s so heartwarming that the Representatives of the Dutch parliament posted the song ‘Rang Rangiya’ on their Facebook Page. This song about love and brotherhood is produced by MaatiBaani (lead: Kartik Shah and Nirali Kartik).

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“Vasuda, please, conquer Europe with your Music! Not only because your music is worth it, but also because it is a symbol of bridging between cultures…” Petra Eckhart

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Concert review by Zinesters | Music Without Boundaries

The Dutch music review portal Zinesters came to the concert Music Without Boundaries with Vasuda Sharma and they loved it. Correspondent Petra Eckhart and photographer Kees van der Niet visited the concert and made some incredible pictures. De review is in Dutch and...

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Nirali Kartik Interviewed by KunstZone

Nirali Kartik is interviewed by a Dutch (music) magazine: Kunstzone about world music group Maatibaani. The lead for this interview was her outstanding performance at ‘Vrije Geluiden’ a well known music program.

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