What happens when Indian cuisine and DesiYUP come together? You get a taste of exquisite Indian food in a soothing music ambience caressing the senses. DesiYUP collaborated with India Culinair Week 2014. During this 10-day event, 10 Indian restaurants in the Netherlands participate in this culinary event to showcase a variety of dishes from the land of opportunities.

Fusion Cuisine


The participating restaurants are challenged to take a closer look at their menu and combine their everyday cooking of various traditional recipes with new innovative elements and fragrances. DesiYUP attended the official launch of this initiative at restaurant Curry’s in Rotterdam Kralingen. The CD COSMIC by Shammi Pithia played was the tarkha of this event. This event was much more than about experimental cooking. The main objective was to raise money for the initiative for sanitary facilities in India.

World Toilet Day

The culinary week started on World Toilet Day, 19 of November 2014. The theme of this year is equality and dignity. Recent floods in India have caused immense damage, especially in villages where basic sanitary facilities are lacking. By collecting money young professionals from the Netherlands will build toilet blocks in schools. In this way children are protected from infections and diseases.

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