What happens when Indian fusion cuisine and DesiYUP come together? You get a taste of exquisite Indian food in a musical ambience that soothes the senses to another level. That’s why DesiYUP is collaborating with India Culinair Week 2014, which starts from today and will end on the 23rd of November. During this 10-day event, ten Dutch Indian restaurants take up the culinary task from young professionals to cook a 3-course meal from the land of opportunities.

Fusion Cuisine

India_Culinair_2014_020The participating restaurants are challenged to take a closer look at their menu and combine their everyday cooking of various traditional recipes with new innovative elements and fragrances. DesiYUP attended the official launch of this initiative at restaurant “Curry’s” in Rotterdam. We had the honour to taste culinary diversity of the rich Indian cuisine. The excellently severed meals were a treat for body and soul. To complete this experience background music was heard form Shammi Pithia’s album COSMIC.


It’s not all about passionate cooking and experiencing exclusive fusion dishes, there is also a very important non-profit purpose behind this challenge. By making a reservation in these 10 days from the website you can enjoy a great dinner for just 25 euro’s and the money will be donated to charity.

World Toilet Day

This event is taking place during World Toilet Day, 19th of November. The theme of this year is equality and dignity. Recent floods in India have caused immense damage, especially in villages where basic sanitary facilities lack. So with collected money young professionals will build toilet blocks at schools. In this way children (our future) are protected from infections and diseases.

Don’t miss this event and have a great 3-course meal in one of the ten restaurants mentioned on the website of India Culinair Week. By having an unforgettable evening with friends and family you actively help children on the other side of the world.

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