It’s a time of awareness building. More people over the world are confronting themselves with social issues. Recent incidents of women’s rights abuse in India have woken up the nation to a new dawn of consciousness. This is one of the reasons why artists like A.R. Rehman are actively addressing these issues through Indian cross-over music. In the video below A.R. Rehman was inspired by the noble prize winner, author and philosopher Rabidranath Tagore, who extensively addressed women’s rights in his works.

Jago Mere Desh by A.R. Rahman

Music has always been a great  influence on the psyche of society. Especially when it comes to the younger generation. From east to west music has been used to inspire, create awareness, spread a message and make a call to action. That is why it’s uplifting to see the issue of women’s rights being addressed on a very large scale.

Awaaz by Jim Ankan Deka, Antara Nandy, Queen Hazarika, Ritwika Bhattacharya

The artists that have massively joined to create awareness and to build a movement of change within and outside of India have mostly come from the Indian-crossover music scene. These artists are usually more in tune with what happens in society and feel the need to express their feelings and values through their musical compositions.

a tribute to damini composed by Paras Nath

As can be heard by these beautiful compositions, indian crossover music is much more than fusing eastern and western music together. It is about bringing ideas and ideologies of love, freedom of speech and gender equality together to create a new vision for the future.

– Mahesvari Autar


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