PC: Wenika Soebhag (Volunteer Conscious Planet)

Sadhguru is on a Soil Mission. The Indian yogi embarked on a 100-day motorcycling mission leaving from London, after attending several events, to the European mainland, The Netherlands. In more than 27 countries covering 30,000KM Sadhguru will be raising awareness about soil degradation.

The yogi’s first stop is at the international City of Peace and Justice, The Hague. On Tuesday 22 March he rode through the political heart of the Dutch democracy, called Binnenhof, from where politicians are making life changing decisions for more than 17 million people. The purpose of this mission is to awaken decision-makers to the importance of prioritizing soil rejuvenation.

PC: Save Soil.org

Red de Bodem

Without running a hefty PR machine, Dutch volunteers from the Save the Soil movement succeeded in attracting over 2,000 responses that filled the Amsterdam RAI convention centre.

Sadhguru understands the power of numbers and to achieve mass awareness and to activate people, he needs to bring in influencers and celebrities who will help him communicate this mission about Soil extinction to a wider public. And those not attracted by spirituality are also reached by the celebrity fan base. Therefore the environmentalist will be speaking to actress Carice van Houten about the Save Soil issue. Carice is best known for playing Melisandre in the series Game Of Thrones.

Soil extinction is not just another ecological challenge. It is an existential threat. If we do the right things now, we can significantly turn this situation around and regenerate the soil in the next 15-25 years,” is the crystal clear message of Sadhguru.

Watch the event online starting at 19.00 CET

Sadhguru in Gandhi Centre The Hague

Sadhguru in Gandhi Centre The Hague
Sadhguru in Gandhi Centre The Hague

The body that you carry is soil. It is inside everything that we see as alive.

“We must understand that national boundaries are nothing. Life is happening in one big massive phenomenon.”

Sadhguru on his motorcycle, Parklaan, The Hague

PC: Wenika Soebhag (Volunteer Conscious Planet)

Amsterdam RAI

Prewien, Mahesvari, Wenika (volunteer)
Prewien, Sand Man, Mahesvari

And the wait begins…..

Giel Beelen opening the evening with Sadhguru

Giel Beelen opening the evening with Sadhguru

What we are facing now is soil extinction. “🌏

Ambassador of India in The Netherlands Ms Sandhu

Ambassador of India in The Netherlands Ms Sandhu

Carice van Houten interviewing Sadhguru

For more information about Sadhguru’s trip in The Netherlands check out this post.

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