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Inspirational session on 28 October in de Doelen

16:00h – 16:30h | Inspirational session with Sieta Autar-Matawlie and Savitrie Marhe

Sieta Autar-Matawlie

Sieta Autar-Matawlie

Striving for Empowerment through
Abhilasha Global Serve

In the vibrant heart of The Hague, Sieta Autar-Matawlie is known as a passionate lawyer with a keen eye for society. Sieta Autar-Matawlie holds the important role of secretary at the Foundation Friends of Surinamese Law. This non-profit organization aims to promote democratic development in Suriname and contributes to strengthening the rule of law in this country.

In addition to her legal work, Sieta makes an impact that extends beyond the courtroom’s walls. As the chairwoman of the Abhilasha Global Serve Foundation, an organization dedicated to positive change, she wholeheartedly strives for the empowerment of girls and young women, both in Suriname and India.

The mission of the Abhilasha Global Serve Foundation is clear and inspiring: to provide opportunities for girls, encourage them to pursue their dreams, and help them reach their full potential. The foundation believes that the right to education, healthcare, and personal growth is universal and should not be limited by gender, origin, or social circumstances. In practice, Abhilasha Global Serve supports various projects aimed at the development of girls and young women.

During interactive presentations, Sieta takes her audience on a journey of awareness and action. She challenges people to step out of their comfort zones and, together with her, explore the small steps they can take to make a difference. Sieta Autar-Matawlie and the Abhilasha Global Serve Foundation demonstrate that one person and one organization can make a difference in the lives of many.

Savitrie Marhe

Savitrie Marhe

A Life Story of Heritage and Emancipation


The story of Savitrie Marhe is a fascinating journey through time, in which her life was shaped by a rich mix of cultural influences and a personal commitment to emancipation. Her journey began with the attainment of her diploma from the pedagogical academy, followed by 13 years of dedicated teaching. In 1996, she made a transition to her role as a desk editor at the Organization for Hindu Media.

Actively involved with the Council for Religion and Philosophy in Rotterdam, Savitrie contributes to promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding. A heritage deeply rooted in her family consists of her grandmother’s jewelry, which is over 150 years old. These jewelry pieces were not only valuable in an aesthetic sense but also provided financial security. In times of need, the jewelry could be sold or pawned, allowing families to purchase land, build houses, or initiate new businesses like agriculture and trade. The entrepreneurial spirit also flows through Savitrie’s family.

Her father and uncle were originally young rice farmers but discovered the growing demand for silver in Europe in the 1950s. This led to the inception of their silver trade, through which they built their own successful business. To this day, the tradition of buying silver and gold jewelry remains deeply embedded among Hindus worldwide, reflecting the heritage and entrepreneurial spirit of Savitrie’s family.

18.30h – 19:00h | Inspirational session with  Ragheni Ghogli

Ragheni Ghogli Portret

Ragheni Ghogli

The Art of Expression and Inspiration.  

Ragheni Ghogli, a talented visual artist and high school art teacher, is a creative soul who weaves her artistic vision with deep personal significance. Her artworks are vibrant masterpieces of abstract painting, where brilliant colors, shimmering gold, and the rich traces of her Hindustani roots harmoniously come together.

But her art is more than just visual beauty; it’s an expression of her profound connection to sustainability and meaning. These themes form a common thread in her work, adding a deeper layer of significance and reflection to her paintings.

In her inspirational talk, Ragheni takes you on a personal journey. She shares her story and opens doors to introspection by posing the simple yet profound question, “What makes you happy?”. In a world where we often get caught up in the daily grind, Ragheni encourages self-reflection and the courage to pursue what makes us happy.

Ragheni inspires her audience to embrace their own passions and dreams, just as she has done in her art. She demonstrates that happiness and fulfillment can be found in the pursuit of what makes our hearts sing.

Especially for Eindeloos India, Ragheni creates an installation at De Doelen, paying tribute to the music genre “baithak gana.” This music, rooted in the rich Hindustani tradition, reflects the deep cultural treasures that Ragheni cherishes and celebrates in her art.

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