This once in a lifetime event with two of India’s Living Legends is being attended by fans of Indian Classical Music from around the world. From Mumbai to London, people will be attending this concert to witness these two grandmasters perform together in The Netherlands. On this page we have some special information for International visitors.

This most promising Indian classical concert features India’s finest musicians and two living legends Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. The two phenomenal icons of Hindustani classical music will be sharing the stage in the Netherlands for the first time together.

Chaurasia is known for his enchanting folk instrument bansuri (bamboo flute) and Sharma is the master of the string instrument santoor (a melodic string instrument with Persian lineage). Fifty years ago they made one of the great fusion albums “Call of the Valley” (1967). To see the two maestro’s live together time will be a magical experience.

The two maestro’s will bring noted exponents from India:
Taka Hero (tanpura)
Bhavani Shankar (pakhawaj – Indian drums)
Vijay Ghate (tabla)
Rohini Sahajpal (tanpura)

Date: June 25th 2017
Venue: Zuiderstrandtheater, Scheveningen
Address: Houtrustweg 505 2583 WB Den Haag

Tickets available for €45 and €40.

The €50 tickets are – SOLD OUT

About The Concert

Attendees coming from England

The best way to get to the Netherlands for this concert is from London City airport to Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

The Venue: Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague

Public Transport:

From The Hague Central Station: You need to take Bus 22 to Zuiderstrandtheater. To be on time for the concert, the latest bus should be at 14:02. Plese remember that the travel route takes 35 minutes from the station to the theater. Please download the bus schedule here.