During this trade mission King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visit India for the first time. They had a grand welcome ceremony in New Delhi. Queen Maxima stole the hearts with her regal presence. 

Day 1. Tech Summit Delegation in New Delhi.

Together with minister Sigrid Kaag and trade mission leader  Ineke Dezentjé. It’s so far the largest trade mission to India with more than 200 participants. 

Thanks to Edo de Ronde (Rotterdam Partners) I was able to click a picture with Minister for Foreign Trade Sigrid Kaag. She is such an eloquent speaker and inspirational woman. I can only wish that she would be our next Prime Minister of The Netherlands.

The #Rotterdam #MakeItHappen Team, Edo de Ronde, Rotterdam Partners & Prewien Pandohi-Mishre, Prolusion B.V…. Keep reading, because this photo blog will give you a complete overview of this Dutch Trade Mission to India. And as you can see my DesiYUP Good Will Ambassador Aniel Autar, Kooijman Autar Notarissen was also part of the Tech Summit in New Delhi.

No matter where I am I’m always keep my eyes open for meaningful art. And this painting by Manoj Das is featuring Krishna and Radha. Krishna is holding his bamboo flute, bansuri. I love the colour that is used for the skin tone I this painting. Very often Krishna is depicted as a dark blue God, but in this painting he is humanized. 

Day 2. New Delhi, JW Marriott Aerocity.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen attended the opening ceremony of the tech summit. This year’s partner for the 25th jubilee is The Netherlands. The King emphasized that the Netherlands want’s to co create with India and together the two democratic nations will stand stronger by sharing knowledge and skills. 

While waiting for the King and Queen for over 2 hours, sitting in once place, this was actually a great opportunity to know fellow Dutch delegation members. Renata Brabander, chief execute officer Rabobank has a keen interest in the concept happiness in fact her LinkedIn slogan is ‘Happiness is a place.’. and as you can imagine with what we do with DesiYUP this was a fantastic topic for me to connect with her. And Jolanda van der Aart, Amsterdam Business, is Miss India in Amsterdam. For over 12 years she active in increasing the bilateral relation between The Netherlands and India.  And Prewien, civil engineer by day and musician by night attended this trade mission for a very special reason. Keep reading this blog to find out what his story is and how DesiYUP Media Productions is linked with his story. 

Dhruv Bedi during an interview

Being a videojournalist by heart I also had to plan interviews with artists. I interviewed Dhruv Bedi, sitar player about his ideas about music and he gave insightful anekdotes to explain his thoughts about the relevance of Indian classical music in today’s time. This interview will be uploaded very soon. 

Our minster of Health and Sports Bruno Bruins was lucky to hear Dhruv Bedi’s live performance. Of course I thought it was a good opportunity for a photo moment. After all music connects, always… everywhere! Soon we will upload a video on the DesiYUP Youtube page. Please do subscribe to our channel.

 Dutch engineering consultancy company Prolusion signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indian enterprise SSSPL, regarding development of a floating sustainable resorts, on 15th of October in JW Marriott in New Delhi.

We are exited to co create with this Indian company and bring people in the near future in a slumber mode”, Prewien Pandohi-Mishre, director Prolusion B.V.

The signing ceremony was part of the Dutch Trade Mission and the technology summit between India and The Netherlands. Dutch minister Sigrid Kaag and leader of the trade mission Ineke Dezentjé congratulated the new partners during a photo ceremony attended by the trade mission delegation. Prolusion was one of the 40 Dutch entrepreneurs who have signed a MoU.

Some of you must be wondering what has DesiYUP Media Production to do with this MoU signing of Prewien. One of the 3 pillars of my company is communication consultancy for especially SME’ companies. For this specific project I’m involved in as a communication partner. And as you can see in this picture I’m extremely proud that we did this together. 

My DesiYUP Good Will ambassador Aniel Autar also signed a MoU in New Delhi. He and Prewien are the only two companies from the Sarnami-Hindustani community in The Netherlands that had this unique momentum and I feel that as a community we should feel very proud. And by collaborating together, endorsing each other and sharing success we all grow bigger and better. 

 My gratitude to Anu and Ahmad, they were my local camera crew in New Delhi and within a span of a few hours we covered an interview, followed Aniel and Prewien with their counter partners and we clicked some very nice portrait pictures. 

Right after the Tech Summit MoU signing ceremony it was time to travel to Mumbai, there we stayed at the Trident Nariman Point hotel. I must say that participating in a trade mission is hard work. Had work and dedication is involved behind smiling faces and fancy social media photo’s.

It was a great pleasure and honour meeting ghazal vocalist Gayatri Asokan 

And also Sitar Player Purbayan Chatterjee. We shared an insightful conversation about the Indian classical music market. By joining forces it will be possible to be a positive change.

Feeling a bit nerveus, but mostly excited for my second DesiYUP Artist Network Meet in Mumbai! This is our venue set up for tonight. We will go live on YouTubewww.youtube.com/DesiYUP/! Subscribe to the DesiYUP channel and fingers crossed for good internet connection.

Interviewed Gayatri Asokan about ghazals. #ArtistMeet

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