Jury rapport: Mahesvari Autar – DesiYUP

Alles tot in perfectie, zowel voorbereiding als uitvoering, dat is Mahesvari. Ze doet waar ze in gelooft en zet zich met passie en betrokkenheid in voor betekenisvolle Indiase muziek. Zij organiseert concerten en optredens. Daarnaast ondersteunt Mahesvari bij handelsmissies naar India.

Haar bedrijf DesiYUP is gespecialiseerd in organisatie, communicatie en media.
Mahesvari weet Indiase artiesten, die veelal nog geen bekendheid genieten in Nederland, te programmeren in theaters en bij concerten. Zij tracht het bedrijfsleven te koppelen met culturele instellingen en gelooft in de verbindende kracht van muziek. Ook de positieve toepasbaarheid hiervan in bijvoorbeeld de zorg.

Mahesvari is ‘a woman on a mission’. Deze duizendpoot gaat voor maximale kwaliteit en heeft oog voor details. Ze heeft een groot internationaal netwerk en zet zich, naast muziek, ook in voor de vrouw. Haar plannen voor de toekomst gaan naar verwachting nog veel muzikaal plezier in Rotterdam brengen!

De jury was onder de indruk van haar doortastende aanpak en goed voorbereide presentatie.

The Rotterdam Business Woman of the Year Award Ceremony took place in the the municipality of Rotterdam het Stadhuis. This was the 3rd edition of the Rotterdam of the Year Award and the idea behind this initiative is to encourage female empowerment and acknowledge female entrepreneurs from Rotterdam. Alder(wo)man of economical affairs Barbara Kathmann honored all nine participants with a gracious trophy. I’m proud to be one of the 3 nominee finalist in the category self-employed.

Being one of the three nominated finalists for the category self-employed is a big achievement for me. Since I live in a metropole city with more than 641.326 people and where over 5 procent is self-employed, I did feel a moment of deep satisfaction when I stood in front of a hall filled with remarkable achievers. I was shining on stage because everybody who loves and supports me in all my entrepreneurial endeavors was cheering me yesterday. I especially highly appreciate Indian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Venu Rajamony for attending the Award Ceremony. I’m truly humbled and honored by this gesture.

Even though I didn’t win the Award, another remarkable woman Marieke Pijler founder of Brand Density did, I realized that my dream to bring more meaningful Indian music in Dutch theaters gave me this incredible amount of recognition!  The jury report about DesiYUP and me was highly positive and filled with compliments that I will cherish. I’m honored to be a participant and I will utilize this given opportunity to connect with more entrepreneurs, who believe in the power of sharing, because that’s what I do with DesiYUP.

Having a loving support system helps me grow as an entrepreneur. I want thank everybody who made yesterday possible! Jury members of the Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw, category self-employed, thank you for nominating me as one of the three finalist and for listening to my story:  Janne Vereijken, Remco van der Jagt, Jacqueline Breeman, Jolanda van der Steen, Moria dekker-de Boer, Ronald van Raay, and Jettie Bourquin.

Thank you DesiYUP Good Will Ambassador Aniel Autar and Sieta Autar-Matawlie for mentioning my name and company in the first place. You are the best DesiYUP supporters I could ever wish for. For each and every concert that I’ve organized in the last four years you have been there. Introducing all of your own business relations to DesiYUP. You are part of the DesiYUP family.

I started DesiYUP in 2012 under the wings of my television father, Mr. Chander Mathura. I owe him my first job and also my personal growth as a young professional. You always believed in me and gave me so many wonderful opportunities in life. I’m lucky that in my early years as a starting professional I got the opportunity to work for you. You’ve taught me some great lessons on how to lift people up and encourage them to become a much better version of themselves.

My DesiYUP dream team members, Ashis Mathura, Dimitri Woei and Victor Joseph, you took every step along with me, as partners, well wishers and experts in your own respected fields. I was able to organize over 50 events because of you. You are a crucial part to DesiYUP’s succes and I could shine on stage, because of you. I look forward to organize more meaningful events together with you.

Edo de Ronde, is for me the face of Rotterdam Partners. Since the last 3 years we have worked together on several projects. You are an excellent diplomate and a fantastic well wisher for me and DesiYUP. During this entrepreneurial journey and election you gave me a fantastic testimonial and arranged the filmzaal in the Schielandshuis for me. There I could invite all jury members of the Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw for a company presentation.

Awinaash Ramadhin, thank you for being the best tax officer for DesiYUP. We know each other since the time that we went to Sunday Hindi classes in Kralingen. I was just a little girl of 14 years old, when we first connected! This is how way back we go. And now you’ve worked with me as my tax officer since the last 5 years. You have seen my up’s and down’s not just as a tax officer, but mainly as a confidant and friend. You always give me the best financial advise and make sure that I build a financially healthy and much stronger company.

Prewien Pandohi-Mishre you are a multitalent. You are not just a great entrepreneur that I look up to, but you are also a fantastic vocalist. In the last few years we have organized memorable concerts together and our powerful collaboration doesn’t only stop with music. I’m proud to be part of your India project and I know it’s going to be a great success!  Thank you for becoming my DesiYUP Good Will Ambassador.

We all need a bestie with whom we can make silly jokes, talk about all the nonsensical things in the world and unwind after a long working day. Thank you Sandya Rangai for being my bestie. You are the best example of a successful millennial, you enjoy life to the fullest extent and work hard to achieve your goals. You are forever my Bollywood Queen!

Thank you Nirali Kartik and Vasuda Sharma for your testimonials about me and DesiYUP. Thank you Devika Arjun for becoming part of my inner circle. I love your professional drive and it was only possible with you to organize a concert in two weeks time!  I also want to thank each and everyone for giving me your vote. I’ve received so many heartwarming messages in the last few weeks and am honored that so many of you shared my posts and requested loved ones to give me their vote. I feel blessed and loved by you and I thank you once again for your incredible support. I want to continue to gift you much more meaningful Indian world music.

Saturday 15th of June you can experience my 3 muses live on stage: Anirban Bhattacharyya, Hemang Mehta and Prewien Pandohi-Mishre will perform in a two hour concert at the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague. Do come to see these 3 gems, I promise you that they will fill your heart with happiness.

With Love

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