‘Midnight Longing’ is connecting musicians based in three different continents together. Raag Bageshri, a popular late night Raga, inflicts emotions of desire, longing and romance awaiting for One’s beloved. The aesthetic form of this Raag enables the mind to catch a glimpse of the deeper spiritual beauty through Filter Coffee’s “Ethnotronic” music style anchored by Prewien’s earthy vocals and Anuj’s hypnotic spoken word.

Music by Filter Coffee – India

Vocals by Prewien Pandohi-Mishre – The Netherlands

Spoken Word “Storms & Drops” Written & Performed by Anuj Rastogi [Omnesia] – Canada

Song arranged & programmed by – Swarupa Ananth – India

Flute – Shriram Sampath – India

Director Music Video – Anecdote Films

Song Production – DesiYUP

Lyrics: Raga Bageshri


Balama mori tore sang laagalee preet

Ghar angana kachhu nahin bhaave

Hitva mitava sadarangeelee

Ghar aayee lo dekhiye preet kee reet


My beloved, I’m infatuated with your love,

Without your presence my surroundings are filled with emptiness

Come home and let our love flourish.

Lyrics: “Storms & Drops”

waiting in line, the fog of breath floating in the air

stepping through the door

the 808 kick inching closer

the bass lines to form the basis of tonight’s space time

storms and drops

barley and hops

moments brewing

spinning shadows of dreadlocks


facing off


political deadlocks


the eye of the storm lurking in peace and stillness in the center

as the winds of chaos snap branches and uproot all that surrounds

standing here

looking in your eyes

pupils locked on, I am studying you

the hands of my heart raised with all manner of questions

a hunger for answers and an eager mind


a thirst quenched one drop of my eyelids at a time in the pulse of the darkness of my blinks

those moments of darkness between the vision of your light

those moments I long for you

how could I have been without you all this time

I cannot think…


a room full of strangers, we are alone

in this moment you are my queen

and I am your throne

swaying at 140 beats per minute

hearts… yours? mine? ours?

the scent of you brushing by as you spin

this whole dance floor is empty


you see

love is a club

I’ve paid my cover

and want to be intoxicated

standing here now, unable to hold my heart’s balance

drunk on you

high on life

I cannot believe in the midst of this world’s chaos

that I found you

that you are my life








About Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee is an Ethnotronic collaborative, brainchild of Flautist Shriram and Percussionist Swarupa, who organically combine virtuosic improvisation with electronic soundscapes and hypnotic grooves. “Ethnotronic” – Ethnic and Electronic is Filter Coffee’s own signature brew that offers a new look at Classical/Folk music through a modern electronic perspective.


Website: www.filtercoffeemusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/filtercoffeemusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/filter_coffee

About Anuj (spoken word)

Anuj Rastogi is a Toronto-based musician, film composer, writer, and spoken word poet. Anuj has composed music for film scores and studio albums, and has performed with a number of diverse artists from across Canada, the US, the UK and India. Anuj brings a forward a musical sensitivity that is a unique product of his intuition and environment. As a Spoken Word Poet and Writer, Anuj has cultivated his worldly sensibilities and uses elements of word play and storyline that thread together broad narratives about social, political, personal and human insights. Learn more about Anuj at www.omnesia.com


Website: www.omnesia.com

Youtube: www.youtube.com/omnesia

Twitter: www.twitter.com/omnesia

Facebook: www.facebook.com/omnesia

Instagram: www.instagram.com/omnesia

About Prewien (vocals)

A vocalist born in Surinam, Prewien received his musical grooming in Rotterdam under the tutelage of Shree Koustuv Ray. He is specialized in North Indian Classical and Semi-Classical Music styles. He is currently active teaching music and performing in the Netherlands. And this year he will perform for the Holland-India Music Festival.

Website: www.rasique.nl

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rasique

YouTube: Balma More Tore Sang

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