Mumbai: Minister of Infrastructure & Water Management Cora van Nieuwenhuizen gave a kick-off speech and inaugurated the Indo-Dutch Forum on Smart & Sustainable Port-led Development Wednesday 23rd of May in Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai. Dutch businesses are keen to increase their relationship with the Indian industry, in particularly with the port sector in India. Consul General Mumbai Guido Tielman emphasized that this trade mission is the largest Indo-Dutch trade mission so far in his opening speech.

DesiYUP Media Productions is part of the water, logistics and infrastructure programme during this trade mision. We are representing Prolusion B.V. co-founded by Prewien Pandohi-Mishre from Rotterdam as their marketing and media consultant. We are convinced that the companies that are working on the bilateral relationship between The Netherlands and India need more media visibility. 

We notice that in particular SME-companies and start-up companies are holding back in intensifying their relationship with India. The long distance and cultural differences are the two major challenges that need to be bridged first. Established companies in the front line of doing business with the Indian industry, such as Port of Rotterdam, can play a positive key role in exchanging and sharing knowledge, improve in sharpening companies views on India, investing in potential new Dutch businesses that want to start a business in India through visual storytelling. 

Our company service is to provide and visualize concepts of successful Indo-Dutch business relations and  start-up initiatives. For more information contact us:  

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