Muses of Mindfulness Ⅱ

Concert: Muses of Mindfulness II


Prewien Pandohi-Mishre (vocals & harmonium)

Diepak Ramjiawan (vocals)

Aura Rascon (bansuri)

Tarang Poddar (tabla)

Booking Info

Saturday 2 October 2021
Start: 20:00-21:30 (90 minutes)
Kerkstraat 43, Rotterdam
Ticket Price: €28 p.p.
Under 12 years: €10 p.p.
Livestream: €5,50 per device

Concert Information

On Saturday 2nd October, you can delve deep into the Indian music culture in the second edition of Muses of Mindfulness held at the Hillegonda church in Rotterdam.

This will be the DesiYUP debut concert of Sarnami-Hindustani vocalist Diepak Ramjiawan, who is performing together with Codarts Conservatory alumni Prewien Pandohi-Mishre (vocals & harmonium), Aura Rascón (bansuri) and Tarang Poddar (tabla).

Muses of Mindfulness is inspired by ‘Raga Sangeet’. This music tradition is over 2000 years old and highlights the meditative nature of Indian classical music. The original music originates from the Vedic era where mantras and ragas were recited in Hindu temples.

The two vocalists will perform various raga compositions that invoke human emotions. According to Indian musicologists, the rich raga melodies are able to translate subtle human emotions such as romance, empathy, peace, surprise and even humour into music. The duration of this musician journey is 90 minutes.

Concert Sponsor

Artwork by
Niembooda Henna Arts

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Covid-19 rules and regulations

DesiYUP will respect Covid-19 rules and regulation and RIVM guidelines. Please make sure you have read the information  (profided in English and Dutch).

Covid-19 rules (English)

The RIVM has a number of rules that we must take into account. We do not do a corona test and you do not have to hand over a corona admission ticket. Therefore, the following rules will apply to the concert:


  • Only 100 visitors are allowed, and children up to 12 years are also considered as a visitor.
  • Everyone gets a fixed seat with a distance of 1.5 meters (2 arm lengths) from other seats.
  • People who live together at the same address do not have to keep 1.5 meters distance. Other exclusions are: for example, supporting those in need, such as pushing a wheelchair.
  • Children up to 12 years old do not have to keep 1.5 meters distance from each other and from adults. All other hygiene measures also apply to children.
  • In case you show any symptoms, please stay home and get tested immediately.

Covid-19 regels (Nederlands)

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  • Er mogen maar 100 bezoekers aanwezig zijn waarvan kinderen tot en met 12 jaar meegerekend worden.
  • Een ieder krijgt een vaste zitplaats met 1,5 meter (2 armlengtes) afstand tot andere zitplaatsen.
  • Mensen die samen op één adres wonen, hoeven geen 1,5 meter afstand te bewaren. Ook uitgezonderd is bijvoorbeeld het ondersteunen van hulpbehoevenden, zoals het duwen van een rolstoel.
  • Kinderen tot en met 12 jaar hoeven geen 1,5 meter afstand te houden tot elkaar en tot volwassenen. Alle andere hygiënemaatregelen gelden ook voor kinderen.
  • Blijf thuis bij klachten en laat u direct testen.
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Video Promotions

Diepak Ramjiawan will be debuting in his first concert for DesiYUP. In this video he talks about the concert Muses of Mindfulness II and introduces us to the amazing artists he will be sharing the stage with.

Countdown to Muses of Mindfulness II








The Artists

Prewien Pandohi-Mishre
(vocals & harmonium)

Prewien is a vocalist born in Suriname. Prewien received his musical training in Rotterdam under the tutelage of Shree Koustuv Ray. He specializes in North Indian classical and semi-classical music styles. He is currently an active music teacher and performs in the Netherlands. Perwien is the founder of Rasique Music school and teaches music at SKVR, the biggest institute for performing arts in Rotterdam.

Diepak Ramjiawan

Sarnami-Hindustani vocalist Diepak Ramjiawan was born and raised in Rotterdam. He grew up in a family where Indian classical music was constantly heard and played. He was inspired by his mother, who taught him the classical music style Khyal.

The young singer gave his first concerts in prestigious venues such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, De Doelen and the World Forum Theatre. One concert in particular is very dear to him, since he had the honour to perform as a supporting act for Ustad Zakir Hussain. During his act Diepak sang the Shiva Tandav Stotram while he played the tabla.

It’s been a year since he started to produce Spirituals/Devotional Mantra Music in his own unique style. Diepak believes that Music connects us to our inner self. “What this connectivity truly signifies is the listener’s personal experience.”

Aura Rascon Bansuri

Aura Rascon

Born and raised in Mexico, Aura was trained in western classical music on traverse flute (BA from University of Sofia, Bulgaria) and later specialized on Bansuri and Hindustani Classical Music (BA and MA from CODARTS, University of the Arts, Rotterdam, NL and traditionally from Vrindaban Gurukul, India), under the tutelage of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, with whom she has toured as a Bansuri accompanist in various occasions. Aura has collaborated with an extended number of renowned artist from different music traditions, performing in mayor music festivals in Europe, the Americas and Asia. She remains active internationally as a soloist but also as a member, initiator and composer of various cross-over music formations.

Tarang Poddar

Tarang Poddar is a young and accomplished tabla player and drummer from Ahmedabad, India. Based in the Netherlands, he has studied the North Indian Classical tradition of the tabla with gurus Pt. Shailendra Mishra and Pt. Rahul Shastri, and recently graduated in the Codarts Conservatory, Rotterdam ( Masters/ Cum Laude), majoring in jazz and Indian music.

His knowledge of traditional North Indian rhythmic concepts informs his own unique modern compositions and performance practice. He is constantly exploring the intersection of musical ideas, cultures, and traditions, and explores what it means to adapt what is in your roots to make it your own.


Hillegondakerk Rotterdam Hillegersberg

The Hillegonda Church on Kerkstraat 43 in Rotterdam-Hillegersberg is the oldest church building in Rotterdam. The congregation has gathered here for centuries.

A taste of what you can expect

Festival Muses of Mindfulness brought us and our loved ones happiness. This festival featured talented vocalists who have their roots in Indian classical music. Together with Zuiderstrandtheater DesiYUP proudly presented Anirban Bhattacharyya, Pt. Hemang Mehta, Prewien Pandohi-Mishre, tabla maestro Yama Sarshar and Jasdeep Singh Degun on Sitar and Deniz Schelfi on Tanpura. The concept of Muses of Mindfulness is unconventional. These muses tell a story of mindfulness by creating different moods during the festival.