‘No Plastic, Swear Now’

If you have seen the groundbreaking documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ on Netflix you will highly appreciate every attempt that is being made to spread awareness about the consumption of plastic. Our oceans are polluted with million of tons of plastic. The documentary Seaspiracy makes us aware that the large portion of garbage left in the waters are pieces of fishing gear. Many of us now possess an ounce of general knowledge to understand the impact of consuming plastic is harming the environment, marine life and our health.

Musician Isai Vannan decided to contribute and create awareness by composing a song that talks about the detrimental effects of plastic on the climate. Last year he released the song ‘No Plastic, Swear Now’ and asked musicians Devan Ekambaram and Leila Kaiyr to lend their voices for this noble cause. “During the lockdown of 2020 I was approached by composer Isai Vannan based in Belgium to arrange, sing and produce a composition of his in a complete A Cappella style. The song ‘No Plastic Swear Now’ features Leila Kaiyr, a well trained European Opera singer, on lead vocals”.

A Capella Song

Devan believed in the song the instant he heard the lyrics and was excited to make a song about helping the environment. “It’s an A Cappella song where I’ve layered multiple voices of mine along with Leila Kaiyr to create a moment of introspection. So since I’m based in Chennai and Leila and Isai are in Europe we did the recordings virtually. Isai mailed me the lead vocals and gave me complete freedom to interpret the song and make it what it is.”

“Music is a healer of all things in life. We listen to music when we are happy or sad and many times to even educate us. Music is the purest form of expression that mankind has experienced and through this medium we can create awareness more easily.”

Isai, Leila and Devan hope to make people realize how much damage non recyclable plastic has and is continuing to do to the environment as well as the ecosystem. “Millions of species are dying in the ocean because of the non stop pollution of plastic waste. Birds are dying from ingesting plastic pieces. We need to strive for alternative resources to substitute the use of plastic.

About Devan

Devan Ekambaram has been an active playback singer and musician in the South Indian film industry since 1999 having sung in over 500 films in 3 languages, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. He featured as a lead vocalist in compositions by Academy Award winning composer AR Rahman, Maestro Ilaiyaraaja, Harris Jayaraj and Vidyasagar to name a few. Devan also featured as a Vocalist and Vocal Arranger on the Grammy winning album Winds of Samsara A by Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman.

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