Shivali Bhammer

The Devotional Diva from London, Shivali Bhammer is changing the landscape of devotional (bhakti) music by giving it a modern touch and mixing it with her personality. Shivali is able to dazzle the crowd into higher levels of bliss. With her love for spirituality shining through her music she sings songs from her latest album, “Urban Temple”.

Concert with Shivali

Rise in Love With Devotion

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Promotion of the Concert Rise in Love with Devotion

The promotion of the concert had many facets. DesiYUP promoted Shivali, the artist, but also promoted her album on different radio stations. Promotion of Urban Temple The first part of promoting Shivali's upcoming concert was to also promote her latest CD, Urban...

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My sparkling star Shivali

It’s been two years now that I know Shivali. I heard her music video ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ on YouTube and decided to follow her on Twitter. Together we worked on a documentary for the Dutch broadcast station and organised an concert in Rotterdam. And before we knew we where friends and to meet friends especially when they live abroad it’s always very special.

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