Our Mission


Welcome to DesiYUP,

Explore the richness of the spirited Indian music tradition from across the globe.

DesiYUP is a company specialized in nourishing and endorsing the cultural traditions such as music, art and literature, from India. In the Netherlands we organize concerts, masterclasses, in-house gatherings and corporate events. DesiYUP was founded by Mahesvari Autar in 2012. 

Our Mission 

The purpose of DesiYUP is to establish multifarious music genres that are derived from the ancient Indian music tradition, which has manifested in various forms and has evolved in today’s world music. In the Netherlands we are the music-pundit, giving talented artists a respected platform to perform and present their art. Our goal is to inspire our audience with meaningful art forms that has incorporated the essence of life. A part of our intention is to cross-connect artists with artists, artists with aspiring artists, artists with the audience, companies with artists and young professionals. We believe that music and business can be joined as one strong force to achieve higher ends. 

DesiYUP is a springboard for many artists and for people who have unique ideas. We provide a solid personalized PR strategy for every artist that we host. In this we also work together with esteemed cultural and corporate companies. As of 2016 we have joined forces with music school ‘Rasique’ to inspire semi-professionals to collaborate and elevate their craft to even higher musical standards.

You are most welcome to join our DesiYUP movement and help us to spread sophisticated music. Please subscribe to our news letter, like our Facebook page, share our content and send us an email with your ideas about art. If those ideas fit with our vision, we can happily work together. 

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