The Interview

It all started with an interview with Creative Composer Shammi Pithia. His music is filled with so much inspiration and passion that anyone listening to his music can easily connect to the soul that he puts in every note. In the interview he talked about how he was inspired to make music and how he sees his future in music.

Music Videos

DesiYUP recorded 3 videoclips with Shammi Pithia and his band. These videoclips introduced him into the Dutch scene and created a fanbase that was anxious to see him on stage.

Promotion at the Diwali Festival in Amstelveen

At the Diwali Festival of 2013 in Amstelveen Shammi flew over to the Netherlands to perform on stage as a promotion for the upcoming concert. Click on the link to see some of the images. Even the mayor of Amsterdam came to talk to the DesiYUP crew.

Receiving the Living Legend Pt. Haripresad Chaurasia

Meeting the living legend, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia was an amazing experience. Waiting for him at the airport and welcoming him to The Netherlands was an honor. After talking to him a bit we drove him to Rotterdam where he would be staying for his time in The Netherlands.

Afterwards Pt. Chaurasia, Shammi, Suroj, Mischael, the DesiYUP team and special supporting guests came together for dinner and a chat on the night before the concert. It was an honour to sit with Pt. Chaurasia and just have a casual conversation on music and life and right before the end even getting a motivational talk from him for the night to come.

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