Preparing for the Creation of Something Meaningful part 2

The preparations for COSM2 (Creation of Something Meaningful part 2) with Shammi Pithia was going to be a harder task. First of all we raised the bar to a very high standard in COSM1 so going even further required more planning and more effort. The location this time would be the exquisite venue “De Nieuwe Kerk” in The Hague. The decorations also had to be up to par with the music that we wanted to present. Promotion would also be a big task.

Radio Promotions

Different radio stations did the promotions of this concert. And the DesiYUP team and guests had a great time doing promotions on different networks. Sunrise FM with amazing radio jockey Sudhir Nanan, Radio Mann with Marlon Amirkhan, Vahon Radio with Fred Kartaram and radio SKSfm with Aartie Badal and radio Standvaste with Raymano Darshan all loved the music themselves and also loved Shammi’s CD along with Sangeeta Bhageloe’s live voice.

SunrisFM promotes COSM

Vahon promotes Shammi Pithia

Radio MANN promotes the concert

Radio SKS FM loved the music

Other Preparations


Giving our DesiYUP audience what is expected from us, we used a venue that looked prestigious and could also fit all the DesiYUP and artists needs. An impressive sight, De Nieuwe Kerk building was the best choice for this concert.

Indian Music Festival

This DesiYUP concert was linked to the Indian Music festival in collaboration with the Dr. Anton Philipszaal. After seeing how Shammi performed in the previous concert of COSM, they were excited to have him in the line-up of their promotions.

Music Preparations

DesiYUP was busy preparing everything for the artists and the guest, doing all the promotions and interviews. Meanwhile Shammi was busy in London preparing for the concert. Composing and writing every part of music for every musician that would be playing. This is where he shines as a creative composer.


With the release of his newest album Cosmic, Shammi would be playing his latest music and bring his cd’s for fans to purchase after the concert.

To prepare for her part in the concert, vocalist Sangeeta Bhageloe traveled to England to rehearse with Shammi and Suroj Sureshbabu.

Presenter and Writer Shantie Singh would be the host of the event and would also be promoting her book on that day. Here she speaks about how Shammi’s music has inspired her while writing her book.

Of course Shammi wanted to invite his fans personally.

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