Mandodari: The Sati Series IV


Author: Koral Dasgupta
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India

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Mandodari, a significant yet oft-forgotten figure of the Ramayana, has long been eclipsed by her infamous husband, Ravana – the epic’s great antagonist. Celebrated for her beauty and piety, Mandodari’s remarkable talents and pivotal role in shaping the mystical kingdom of Lanka have languished in obscurity, until now. Koral Dasgupta’s enthralling tale of power, love and loyalty grants a rare and intimate glimpse into one of the Ramayana’s most enigmatic female characters. As the queen of Lanka, Mandodari confronts a myriad challenges – from her frustration with Sita’s captivity, to Surpanakha’s deceitful ways, and the daunting task of steering an impossible dream for her husband.

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