Shlokas and Mantras For Kids – Illustrated Padded Board Book – Learn About India’s Rich Culture and Traditions


Publisher: Wonder House

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Shlokas and Mantras for Kids is a perfect means to introduce your child to the living and rich culture of India. This book has simple shlokas and mantras for children to chant and remember. The meanings of each shloka and mantra are also explained in an easy manner for the young minds to understand. This book is a means to let children take one small step towards learning about our thriving Sati to choose her husband, she has to decide whether she can accept the darker, fiercer aspects of herself that Rudra brings out. However, a cataclysmic tragedy forever alters Devaloka, tearing the lovers apart. From the ashes of the aftermath the young devi emerges once more-this time as Parvati. Given a new chance at life, at determining her fate, Parvati makes a fateful vow to win the heart of Rudra. Can she succeed once again?

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