Yoga Vasistha (Vedanta Wisdom Through Miniature Paintings)


Author: Bhaskar Raj Saxena
Publisher: Rupa & Co

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Not many are aware of the fact that the blockbuster Hollywood movie Matrix is based on stories from the Yoga Vasishta and that the New York University has printed a commentary on Yoga Vasishta.This book is an introduction to this unique subject an epic that provides insights into the ancient Vedanta wisdom,the nature of existence,reality and governance.It contains the timeless wisdom about about Self and Brahman,the creator,through a series of ancient paintings depicting stories from Yoga Vasishta.According to Vedanta,all one has to do to attain happiness is guide,supervise and control the vagaries of the mind with a strong and alert intellect.Through this intellectual mastery which bestows upon man a power that far exceeds any external empowerment,one can acquire,possess,and enjoy anything the world has to offer. In this book,the powerful philosophy is depicted in story form through the beauty of miniature paintings,making it more exquisite and poignant.A treasure which carries a wealth of information about consciousness,the book is a collector s item a great compilation of art and philosophy presented aesthetically.

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