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Jasdeep Singh Degun
Anomaly: redefining contemporary Indian tradition

Virtuoso sitarist and composer Jasdeep Singh Degun is joined by an eight-piece band in music from his acclaimed Real World Records debut, bringing the spontaneity and beauty of Indian tradition together with the rich counterpoint of western classical music and modern rhythmic ambience.

‘Showcases the classical music of the subcontinent but also mixes, melds and modernises it’ Financial Times on Anomaly

Written and recorded under the mentorship of Nitin Sawhney, Anomaly’s twelve tracks range from shimmering, high-wire sitar solos to ravishingly orchestrated cinematic excursions. Thrillingly contemporary, its roots lie in the ancient repertoire of raags, the frameworks used in the improvised performance of Indian classical music.


After topping the critics’ 2022 end-of-year lists as composer, co-music director and soloist in Opera North and SAA-uk’s groundbreaking opera Orpheus, Jasdeep returns to the concert stage to showcase his genre-leaping artistry as performer, composer and collaborator.

Drawn from the Indian and western classical and UK jazz scenes, his band includes guest musicians from the album, and members of the ensemble that he put together for Orpheus.

Presented by South Asian Arts-uk in association with Concerted Artists and Real World Records. This is a de Doelen & DesiYUP production.

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