A Musical Journey To The Top

This year DesiYUP will organize it’s first concert with with local (Dutch) talents. During this concert “A musical Journey To The Top” you can follow the journey of 4 ambitions artists who have the dream to become performing artists. You can follow them and read how they are preparing for their first DesiYUP concert on our FB-page. This concert is a collaboration between DesiYUP & Rasique Music school and MiXinMusic. 

Concert info:

Concert Date: Saturday September 3rd 2016
Time: 20:00
Venue: Podium 0950
Address: Oostmaaslaan 950, 3063 DM Rotterdam, Netherlands
Ticket Price: €12,50

Meet the Artists





Meet your Organizer

Simran Rangai

Simran Rangai

Meet your Host

Sudhier Nannan

The host for this evening is Sudhier Nannan and the musical training is facilitated by Rasique Music school.

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