A Splendid Afternoon With Nirali

On Saturday 18th of April the Hindustani Classical Vocalist from Mumbai, India, Nirali Kartik gave a special afternoon performance in De Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague.

As Nirali sings, she enters the mood of the Raga, drawing the audience along with an adventurous musical journey. The chance to hear this gifted vocalist, with her exceptional and resonating voice, provides a profound and deeply inspiring glimpse of depth of Indian Music. Nirali has been a pioneer in putting forth Hindustani Classical music to a vast online audience by the means of videos on YouTube and has a dedicated viewership of music lovers across the globe.

Her style of singing has made her the voice of several award winning films and documentaries. Besides being so dedicated towards Indian classical music, Nirali is also a motivational speaker. She is involved in the international community TEDx Talks and recently she gave a moving talk about ‘The power of spontaneity’
Nirali formed the widely acclaimed music group ‘Maati Baani’ with Kartik Shah and started a new thread of music where Indian Classical met various forms of World traditions in a one-of-its-kind experiment on YouTube.

Together they collaborate with musicians from different countries and create the freshest forms of original music.

For more background info on Maatibaani read the DesiYUP interview.


Promotion took DesiYUP and Nirali from being interviewed by Open Rotterdam and Amor FM in Rotterdam through radio station Vahon and even the Parlement in The Hague with politica Tanja Jadnanansing and then all the way to Amsterdam to be interviewed and featured on national television in VPRO’s Vrije Geluiden. Read on.

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