Creation of Something Meaningful

Introducing creative composer Shammi Pithia to the Netherlands

Having a Living Legend Attend

The Living Legend, Pt. Haripresad Chaurasia blessed this concert with his presence.

COSM, Our First DesiYUP Concert with Shammi Pithia & Band

UK Composer and flutist Shammi  Pithia is by far one of our favorite artist. His eye for detail and his willingness to give the perfect performance makes him a star. Shammi is one of the most flexible and hardworking musicians that we have come across as an organization. It was an absolute honor for us to host him and his band for the very first time in The Netherlands. Concert Creation of Something Meaningful (COSM) was extra special for all of us, because we were honored by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, who came all the way from India to attend Shammi’s concert. Shammi’s concert in Holland happend because of this meeting and interview.

A theatre programmer attended Shammi’s concert in Lantarenvenster and she was so excited about this concert that she gave us the opportunity to host Shammi again in the same year for the Holland India Music Festival

Due to the concert COSM I & II DesiYUP build a good relationship with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. We had the honor to organize his concert twice in The Hague, in De Nieuwe Kerk and Zuiderstrandtheater

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