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Relive the vibrant Eindeloos India Festival 2023, a spectacular October celebration that transformed Rotterdam’s cultural landscape. Explore a range of activities, from inspiring dialogues to captivating concerts, and join us in sharing our cultural identity and shaping a lasting legacy for future generations..

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Double Bill Concert

During the Eindeloos India Festival, visitors of de Doelen could experience the richness and inclusivity of Indian music. This evening consisted of three inspirational sessions two concerts and one interactive art exhibition. The foyer had stands with books, sustainable handmade products and delicious food.

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Concert Images

The story of evolution was musically told by Prewien Pandohi-Mishre & ensemble in Act 1: Anantha, Eternal Change while in Act 2: Homecoming Nirali Kartik & ensemble took us back to our ancestral homeland.

Credits: Nirali Kartik: vocals | Prewien Pandohi-Mishre vocals & harmonium | Ronald Snijders flute | Kries Malhoe acoustic & electric guitar | Dilip Dhoenmoen drums & percussion | Patrick Lauwerends contrabas & acoustic bass guitar | Hamid Reza Behzadian Indian slide guitar & harmonica | Angel ArunA leadsinging & ladies quire Pooja Guptar | Arti Ramman | Deniz Schelfi |  | Yama Sarshar: Tabla | Madhav Haridas: Saxophone, Bansuri & Woodwind instruments | Akash Parekar: sitar

Inspirational Sessions

The Eindeloos India Inspirational Sessions were a resounding success, featuring esteemed lecturers Savitrie Marhe, Sieta Autar-Matawlie, and Raghini Ghogli. Sieta captivated her audience with interactive presentations, urging them to step out of comfort zones and explore meaningful actions. She and the Abhilasha Global Serve Foundation exemplified how individuals and organizations can create a profound impact. Savitrie Marhe, active in the Council for Religion and Philosophy in Rotterdam, shared her family’s cherished heritage of jewelry, serving as both aesthetics and financial security. Raghini Ghogli, a visual artist, shared her personal journey, encouraging introspection and the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment in one’s passions.

Interactive Artwork Expose

Especially for Eindeloos India, Ragheni created an interactive art installation named ‘Pani, Wattra, Water’. This artwork invited concert attendees at De Doelen to take selfies surrounded by musical instruments like Dholak, Dhantaal, and Harmonium. Visitors engaged with the installation, discovering aspects of Sarnami Hindustani culture and capturing moments of cultural exploration through photographs.

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(H)Erkennen / Herbouwen | Expo x Storytelling

British sensation Shivali Bhammer narrated love stories inspired by ancient Hindu scriptures, exploring universal emotions and perspectives on love. Accompanied by Rotterdam violinist Annelieke Marselje and singer Diepak Ramjiawan, their music added depth to the narratives. The evening concluded with a captivating Q&A session with Professor Bisschop, offering insights into the performance’s cultural themes. Passionate and captivating, the event weaved India’s cultural tapestry into the hearts of all present.

Panel Discussion

In a profound event marking the 150th anniversary of the first ship carrying contract laborers from India to Suriname, speakers and panelists explored the rich history of the Surinamese-Hindustani community at Debatpodium Arminius. DesiYUP founder Mahesvari Autar highlighted the departure of over 34,000 Indians between 1873 and 1916—a pivotal moment shaping the community. Rosemarijn Höfte and Anita Bharos unraveled contract labor intricacies, generational stories, and traditions, while entrepreneurs discussed Hindustani musical traditions and language preservation. This event commemorated history and sparked discussions about the vibrant Surinamese-Hindustani community’s present and future.

Discover & Experience | Books, Music & Food

We wrapped up the festival in style at de Bijenkorf Rotterdam on the final day.
Music filled the air as Steven Ashwin enchanted the audience. Kids had a blast coloring images from the delightful book ‘Radha’s Eerste Concert.’ And, to add flavor to the experience, everyone got to savor delicious vegetarian bites crafted by CakeVana.
All this, while enjoying a prestigious shopping spree at de Bijenkorf!

29 October | Workshops | Indian Classical Singing and Harmonium

In this workshop, you learned the essence of the Khayal singing style from the renowned Indian singer Nirali Kartik. You explored the Indian music system and the Indian notation system Sargam. You also received an introduction to the Indian rhythmic cycles called Tala. The specific musical ornaments used in this style of music were explained and demonstrated.

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