Inspirational Talk by Darbar Founder Sandeep Virdee

Inspirational talk:

On 6th of October in collaboration with Darbar Festival, DesiYUP will host a concert with Debasmita Bhattacharya. Before this concert Darbar Festival founder and programming director Sandeep Virdee will give an inspirational talk about organizing events, building yourself up as an artist and about how he has made Darbar Festival so succesful. This is a talk that emerging artists and organizers cannot miss.

Date: 6th October
Venue: De Nieuwe Kerk Den Haag
Address: Spui 175, 2511 BM Den Haag

About Sandeep Virdee

Sandeep Virdee is the founder and Artistic Director for the Darbar Arts Culture Heritage Trust in the UK, which champions Indian classical arts. Sandeep provides an insight into the place for Indian classical music in contemporary life and how it was impacted by India’s partition and independence from British rule 70 years ago. He explores his vision for the urgent need for strengthening a platform for Indian classical music in Europe and beyond in the coming decades.

About Darbar Festival

Founded in 2006, Darbar Arts Culture Heritage Trust (Darbar) believes in the power of Indian classical arts to stir, thrill and inspire. Through digital connectivity, shared experiences and enrichment we ensure that one of the finest art forms reaches the widest possible audience.

Darbar delivers premium quality live events, music education, broadcasts and digital engagement through artistic innovation and creative technology. We are also committed to providing a platform for new talent from the UK and India.

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