Little Yogi’s

Indian Raga Music & Yoga for Children 5+

An adventurous and musical yoga journey


On Saturday 17 April Daniëlle and Prewien took little yogi visitors on an adventurous journey to ancient India. There tehy met Shiva. The very first Yogi. He took them along wild rivers, high mountains and the forest full of wild animals. During this interactive music program, yoga teacher Angela did a few yoga postures that visitors could do at home with their mommy or daddy.

This online streaming concert was done in collaboration with deDoelen.

Concert Aftermovie

Images of the Concert

Images made by Maarten Laupman, De Doelen

About the Artists

Daniëlle van Driel

Daniëlle van Driel

Daniëlle chose the beautiful sounds of the Celtic harp and decided to make music that came from her heart. With her music she creates a field of light, love and transparency, a bridge between heaven and earth. These healing sounds are used in many different ways. In addition, she has supplemented her way of giving haptotherapy with voice expression and the heart-opening sounds of the harp.

Prewien Pandohi-Mishre

Prewien Pandohi-Mishre

Prewien is a vocalist born in Suriname. Prewien received his musical training in Rotterdam under the tutelage of Shree Koustuv Ray. He specializes in North Indian classical and semi-classical music styles. He is currently an active music teacher and performs in the Netherlands. Perwien is the founder of Rasique Music school and teaches music at SKVR, the biggest institute for performing arts in Rotterdam.

Angela Ramjan

Angela Ramjan

Angela Ramjan is the founder Namostute Yoga. Her mission is to make people happy and help them to relax on a daily basis. She teaches yoga to children and adults and shares her wisdom on Yoga and a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle.
Yoga for young children comes with many benefits. It calms children down and makes the body stronger and increases the attention span of kids. Indian Raga music combined with yoga for kids is a great introduction to peace, relaxation and a positive mindset.

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