Naad Shakti: The Power of Indian Sounds with Manish Vyas

The concert Naad Shakti with mantra singer and composer Manish Vyas was a spiritual experience in a historic setting, the Pelgrimvaderskerk (church) in Rotterdam. With it’s roots tracing back to Vedic period, Indian music is a rich art form which evolved over thousands of years. The mission of Manish Vyas is to preserve, nurture, honor and transmit the genuine spirit of Indian music in it’s different genres and presentations, as he learnt it from maestros since childhood. 

Sharing this music around the world while merging with different cultures and musicians from diverse traditions and backgrounds, yet keeping the spirit of India in all genres intact. Multi-instrumentalist Manish Vyas  succeeded in this mission and enchanted the audience with his mantra compositions. He as accompanied with German based musicians Hindol (sitar) and Ojas (percussion) Together they brought the audience to a higher state of mind during this ninety minute concert. Except for the clapping between the songs, you could hear a pin drop during this concert. This was a night that will keep resonating in the hearts of the audience, watch this after movie.

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