PM Modi – Stronger Together (Brussels)

It was absolutely not an easy undertaking to make sure that at least one Dutch artist shares the stage of the cultural program, planned in honor of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in Brussels Expo. However, with the immense support of our new partner ‘Indian Confluence’ DesiYUP got the scope to showcase a 5 minutes medley track ‘Made in India / Chak De India’. This act was performed live by vocalist Aparna Gulati, Monique Dihalu (dhol) and Tom Beardslee (guitar). Aparna is part of the local DesiYUP artist community that we founded in 2015.

Last year I made a promise to myself to invest more in local talented musicians from the Netherlands. Training them to be alluring enough on the international cultural music market. This entire experience in Brussels of finalizing an act for an international audience gave me new insights and in the coming months new strategies will be implemented to coach local musicians. But in all honesty, seeing the amount of talent across the Indian diaspora community, it’s an absolute challenge to drill Dutch-Hindustani musicians to change their mindset regarding performing and playing live music. A musician who is very keen in performing outside Holland or Surinam really has to accept new ideas wholeheartedly. That is the only way to transform into a complete new artist and accomplish international success.

To conclude my blog, ‘Stronger Together’ was a fantastic opportunity for DesiYUP to shine and represent Holland. We did it with great pleasure in our hearts! And the best gift that we got in return is friendship from our Belgian partner ‘Indian Confluence’, especially from the founder Sriman and his wife Bhagya. Music proofs over and over again that it has the power to connect people in a solid way.

Have fun checking out all our pictures and video’s of the event.

With Love,

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