Roopa Panesar Intimate Sitar Recital

With Shahbaz Hussain on tabla

Roopa Panesar’s sitar recital at de Doelen on May 11th, accompanied by the acclaimed tabla player Shabhaz Hussain, was a transcendent experience that left the audience spellbound. As Europe’s most distinguished sitar player, Panesar’s mastery of the instrument was evident from the moment she plucked the first string. Together with Hussain’s rhythmic expertise, they wove a tapestry of melodies that carried the listeners on a harmonious and evocative musical journey. The concert, a sold-out affair, showcased Panesar’s virtuosity and deep understanding of classical Indian music, captivating the audience and transporting them to another realm where time seemed to stand still. It was an unforgettable evening of soul-stirring performances that reaffirmed Panesar’s status as a luminary in the world of Indian classical music.

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